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Low Aire Loss Mattress

Invacare® microAIR® MA65 Therapeutic Support Surface

The unique Invacare® microAIR® MA65 therapeutic support surface aids in preventing and treating stage I to IV pressure ulcers by reducing interface pressure between patient and bed surface. The system is based on alternating pressure in individual air cushions at designated time intervals, a process that improves air circulation and cools body temperature.

For more information about the Invacare microAIR MA65 therapeutic support surface, call the Memorial Hermann Home Medical and Respiratory Equipment department at (281) 784-7550.

Product Details

The Invacare® microAIR® MA65 therapeutic support surface offers:

Effective treatment:

  • Includes both an alternating pressure mode and a static mode that maintains the surface at a constant pressure.
  • State-of-the-art compressor provides efficient, complete therapy cycles.
  • Efficient real-time monitoring provides correct pressure relief.
  • Visual and audio alarms warn of low pressure or power outage.

Ease of use:

  • Lightweight control unit's LED display allows comfort and therapy settings to be adjusted easily.
  • Individual, quick-connect air cells allow simple replacement if necessary.

Durability and comfort:

  • Waterproof, dual-layered, antimicrobial, vapor-permeable cover protects internal air cells.
  • Internal air cells made of heavyweight urethane-coated nylon.
  • Cover has a non-skid nylon bottom and tie-down straps with buckles that attach securely to the bed.
  • 2 safety foam base adds safety and comfort.

Efficiency and safety:

  • Energy-saving compressor turns off during pressure maintenance modes.
  • On-demand low air loss keeps the mattress cooler and drier.
  • Settings retained during a power outage resume when power is restored.
  • Lock-out button prevents tampering or accidental adjustment.