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Bill is Impressed with His Surgery

Bill liked the fact that Memorial Hermann’s main focus after surgery is to get the patient moving in order to jumpstart the healing process.

Selecting a Physician with an Outstanding Reputation

When it came time for Bill to select a physician for his total hip replacement surgery, he knew exactly who he’d choose. “I selected affiliated orthopedic physician, Dr. Kenneth Mathis, based on his reputation and the fact that he does about 600 hip replacement surgeries a year,” said Bill. Bill had enjoyed a long career in the hospital industry before retirement and can be a tough critic. “The Good Lord gave me a 50-year career in which I never ‘dreaded’ going to work; I feel very blessed,” he says.

Memorial Hermann Jumpstarts the Healing Process

His experience with Memorial Hermann Orthopedic and Spine Hospital, where his surgery took place, was exemplary. “I was extremely impressed with the quality of their process and how attentive and responsive the entire staff was to our needs; they treated my wife and I as if we were the only patients they had.” Bill attended the preoperative classes with Memorial Hermann’s nurse navigators which are designed to answer patients’ questions as well as to prepare them for surgery, recovery and discharge. He also liked the fact that Memorial Hermann’s main focus after surgery is to get the patient moving in order to jumpstart the healing process. Bill recalls, “surgery was at 1:30 pm and by 3 pm that day I was able to take 20 steps with a walker. By 8 pm that same day, I was up to 224 steps. The next day at 8 am, I managed 250 steps.”

Impressed with a Top Notch Staff

“Every member of the staff that we interacted with were top notch. From the administration, cleaning staff, pain management and the nursing staff – if they weren’t able to get something for me or my wife, they would find someone who could. I was so impressed with the overall professionalism and competency at all levels of the organization,” says Bill. Because of his positive experience with his hip replacement surgery at Memorial Hermann, Bill has been recommending Dr. Kenneth Mathis, affiliated orthopedic surgeon, and Memorial Hermann’s Orthopedic and Spine Hospital to friends and family. “Dr. Mathis has a wonderful bedside manner and he really takes time with his patients which is so important – I highly recommend Memorial Hermann and Dr. Mathis.”

Patient Bill Teague

After 50 years in the hospital industry, Bill chose Memorial Hermann for his hip replacement surgery.

Patient Bill Teague With Dog

Bill recommends Dr. Kenneth Mathis to friends and family.