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Edgar Venson: Back in the Saddle

When a stroke threatened to take away Edgar’s ability to ride his horse or strum his guitar, he turned to Memorial Hermann Rehabilitation Hospital – Katy.

In February 2018, Edgar was at home in Sealy, Texas, getting into bed for the night when he began feeling a tingling sensation in his right arm.

“I sat up in the bed because that just didn’t feel right,” said Edgar. “I decided to get off the bed, but immediately realized I had no feeling in my right leg or arm, and I tumbled down to the floor.”

An ambulance rushed Edgar to Memorial Hermann Katy Hospital where he spent almost a week in the intensive care unit. Once he was stable, he was sent to Memorial Hermann Rehabilitation Hospital – Katy to begin his journey back to independence.

As an inpatient, Edgar received both physical and occupational therapy.

“I had a goal for myself when I began physical therapy that I wanted to walk,” said Edgar. “It was frightening at first, but I went in with my deep faith in God and an attitude that I can beat this thing.”

After two weeks as an inpatient, Edgar was able to walk with a cane, climb stairs and get in and out of a car. Once those milestones were met, he was discharged to go home and he began outpatient therapy at Memorial Hermann Rehabilitation Hospital – Katy.

“When I met Edgar, he talked about getting back on his horse, so we did activities that would allow him to do that,” said his physical therapist. “We mainly worked on fine tuning his leg strength, timing and coordination by doing a lot of walking. We progressed up to fast walking and light jogging. All of this gave him the needed strength in his stroke-affected leg to be able to ride his horse again.”

Today, his recovery is complete and Edgar is strumming his guitar, playing the drums and training barrel horses.