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Nick Bone: Game-Changing Weight Loss Surgery

After tipping the scale at more than 400 pounds -- from years of fast food, sweets and a sedentary lifestyle -- Bone said he knew it was time to make some drastic changes with his weight.

A family member had success with the gastric sleeve procedure, so Bone decided to give it a try. Dr. John Primomo, a Bariatric Metabolic Surgeon affiliated with Memorial Hermann Memorial City and UTHealth performed the gastric sleeve procedure.

Before the surgery, Nick weighed around 415 pounds. Today, Nick's weight is around 215.  Two years after surgery, Nick has run 2 marathons and has a new outlook of his place in the world.

"From being, you used to creep in the side of a room and hope nobody noticed you, hope that you never caught anybody's eye.  But now it's -- I speak out. I'm fitting in a car, buying clothes at a normal store -- things like that."

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Watch the video below to see Nick's story: