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Roberta Reclaims Her Independence with Rehabilitation

Roberta Reclaims Her Independence with Rehabilitation

Roberta - TIRRWhile Roberta was enjoying time on her daughter’s porch in Sealy, Texas, her family became concerned that she did not look well. She had been having some headaches, but nothing that seemed out of the ordinary.

On Sept. 21, after getting what her family described as a “glazed and far away look,” 66-year-old Roberta slumped out of her chair. She was fortunate to be transported quickly to Memorial Hermann Katy Hospital, where she underwent a CAT scan and was then  whisked to Memorial Hermann-Texas Medical Center via Life Flight®.

Roberta spent a week and a half in the Intensive Care Unit but does not remember any of the experience. She suffered an aneurysm on her left side, which surgeons at Memorial Hermann-Texas Medical Center repaired. Roberta’s doctors also found another aneurysm on her right side, requiring additional surgery.

On Nov. 5, Roberta had surgery to clip the second aneurysm and suffered a stroke. Afterwards, Roberta could not walk or move her left arm. She was admitted to TIRR Memorial Hermann, where she stayed until Dec. 15. She then entered TIRR Challenge Program, where she went five days a week and graduated on Feb. 29. Roberta’s therapists have given her exercises to continue at home.

“TIRR has been good. I would not be where I am now without the prayers and the people,” said Roberta, who lost much of the movement in her left hand and walks with a slight limp using a cane. “Just a few weeks ago, I couldn’t pick up my hand, but it’s getting better and stronger each day. I don’t think I could have been at a better place. I don’t think I would be in the shape I’m in without TIRR.”

Her favorite therapists – physical therapist Alicia Lynard and occupational therapist Lauri Serna – were Roberta’s source of motivation.

“Roberta has one of the strongest wills of any person I have ever met,” said Serna. “We showed her the tools, yet it was her focus and determination to get back to the independent life she enjoyed before her stroke that made the difference. She is more than halfway there.”