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Physical Therapy

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Sport-Specific Rehabilitation

Our sports evaluation and exercise programs are led by a professional staff of therapists, athletic trainers and exercise specialists who define fitness as the ability to perform at your full potential. We offer a variety of programs designed to help our clients achieve that state based on their personal athletic goals

Body Composition Measurement

A seven-site skin-fold test performed with Lange calipers is used to determine body composition.

Biologic Exercise Program

Specifically designed for strength and conditioning, this 12-week program includes a complete Personal Wellness Profile fitness evaluation and body composition measurement. A three-month membership at a participating Memorial Hermann Sports Medicine facility.

Fitness Orientation Program

This one-hour session features a weight-training orientation including proper positional instructions for all fitness and cardiovascular equipment.

Agility Training

Multidirectional agility training offers drills and programs designed to improve quickness. Clients with an athletic background are trained in the ability to change directions with optimal speed and agility.

Our agility training programs focus on the use of balance, strength and power in multidirectional planes.

Aquatic Exercise Classes

We offer personal instruction in low-impact exercises to increase range of motion for all major joints of the body, using only water resistance in a heated, multi-depth therapeutic pool.


Sportsmetrics™ is structured to progress the athlete from technique development to performance enhancement. This six-week training program helps athletes refine neuromuscular control of the lower limbs. Typical results include a reduction in landing force of 22 percent, 50 percent less side-to-side twisting of the knee joint on impact with the floor and a 10 percent increase in vertical jump. Athletes are supervised throughout every session to ensure that each athlete receives individualized attention based on the results of the sports injury test.

Throwing Analysis and Rehabilitation

Our throwing analysis screening program is free of charge and conducted at athletic facilities or team practice. We discuss shoulder and elbow injuries typically sustained by the overhead thrower, including information on why and how injuries occur, how to prevent them and how to treat them. In addition to our throwing performance program, we provide rehabilitation for players recovering from injury with the goal of returning them to activity at or above the pre-injury level.

Fitness Memberships

Memberships include full use of our gym facilities and specialized fitness training equipment, as well as access to our heated pool and spa, aquatic exercise classes and locker rooms with shower facilities.

In general, members must be at least 14 years old, but exceptions may be made for prior physical therapy patients or participants in the biologic exercise program.

Athletic Republic™

Available at select locations. Athletic Republic sports performance enhancement will help you achieve your performance goals. Using patented and proprietary equipment, Athletic Republic will safely take athletes just beyond what they normally can do.

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Sport Specific Training and Performance Improvement is offered at the following Memorial Hermann Sports Medicine & Rehabilitation locations: