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ScheduleNow Step By Step

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Using ScheduleNow

At Memorial Hermann we strive to make to the highest quality of care as convenient as possible. Scheduling an appointment with your physician, specialist, or even with emergency care services can be a frustrating experience.

Memorial Hermann is proud to offer ScheduleNow to our most valued asset, you, our patient. No longer will you have to call in to be placed on hold to simply check for availabilities.

So the next time you want to schedule for any service at Memorial Hermann simply follow these 3 easy steps below and your appointment will be scheduled at your convenience.

Using Schedule Now In 3 Steps


ScheduleNow let’s you select your appointment in three easy steps.


Choose a Doctor or Service
Choose an Appointment Time
Confirm Your Appointment


  • Click on “ScheduleNow”
  • Select a doctor or service
  • Enter your zip code and click “Submit”.


Choose a Doctor or Service
Choose an Appointment Time
Confirm Your Appointment


  • Then narrow your search results
  • Select an appointment time
  • Fill out your information and click “Make An Appointment”.


Choose a Doctor or Service
Choose an Appointment Time
Confirm Your Appointment


  • Then click on the link in your email to confirm.

You’re all set. Making an appointment just got easier.

Frequently Asked Questions

I do not see my physician in ScheduleNow?

Memorial Hermann strives to include all physicians in the ScheduleNow system. If you do not see your physician in ScheduleNow please make an appointment by calling (713) 222-CARE and ask your physician that they be added to your ScheduleNow at your next appointment.

Will I get a reminder for my appointment?

Yes, you will be notified the day you make the appointment and the day of your appointment.

What if I have to cancel my appointment?

All appointment cancellations can be handled online as well as by calling (713) 222-CARE.

Can I only schedule for Primary Care Physicians with ScheduleNow?

You can schedule with any physician or any specialist, as well as emergency care, imaging, and most services offered by any Memorial Hermann facility.

I have further questions about my appointment.

All other questions can be handled by calling (713) 222-CARE during normal business hours. Or find more information about ScheduleNow.