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Additional Kiosks Now Available At The SW Campus
Effective Tuesday, April 17th we now have two additional Kiosk locations at our SW campus to better facilitate our Vendor Representatives.
The 1st is located on the first floor beside our Popcorn Machine
The 2nd is located in the HVI on the second floor, inside the Supply Coordinator's Office

Vendor Kiosk Machines Fixed 
We are pleased to announce that we have retrofitted all of our Vendor Kiosks with new printers. Please note that the new printers are now located on TOP of the kiosk.

Vendor Kiosk Backup Machines 
Backup "kiosks" are now available at all of our Acute Care facilities. In the event the main kiosk is out of service and you are unaware of the backup location, please proceed to the security or materials management department for assistance.