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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I become an approved vendor?
To become an approved vendor Memorial Hermann must receive a formulary request from a credential physician within the MHHS network. In addition, a new vendor must successfully complete a due diligence packet. Click on the "Become an Approved Vendor" link to read more.

Why can't I call the contract team directly?
Memorial Hermann has recently instituted new policies and procedures to help manage the volume of calls and inquiries it receives on a daily basis while striving to provide consistent information to all of our current and potential vendors.

Who needs a TB skin test?
Vendors who enter into scrubbed areas (i.e. operating room, cath lab, etc.)

Why is there a credentialing fee?
The credentialing fee supports the application processing, background / OIG check, and the vendor badges that are issued to each credentialed agent or representative when on our campuses.

Which credentialing type do I choose? 

Medsurge- If you are going into scrubbed areas including OR and Cath Lab
CRM- Cath Lab only
All others include service, lab, and pharmacy 

What if I do not see my company listed on the drop down list? 

Contact Vendor Management at 713-448-5151 or email to start company vetting process to become an approved vendor.

Does my badge need to be visible at all times?
Without exception your vendor badge needs to be on and visible.

Can I bring food in if Memorial Hermann caters it?
Vendors may not pay for food that is on Memorial Hermann campuses.

What companies are participating in the credentialing program?
All companies providing products and services to Memorial Hermann excluding construction.

Whom do I talk to, to become an approved vendor with Memorial Hermann?
Please see Become an Approved Vendor for details on how to become an approved vendor.

Can training with my company be sufficient documentation for required training on the application?

What should I do if I do not know my MHHS Lawson vendor number?
Contact one of the campus Material's Managers.

Why do I need HIPAA training if I will not have patient contact?
At Memorial Hermann we take the safety of our patients, employees and guests seriously. We required HIPAA training for all of our employees and vendors regardless of access levels.

If a representative leaves the company, why can't I use his credentialing for someone else?
The credentialing process is done at the individual level so that Memorial Hermann can ensure that all vendor's representatives have the required training and background to conduct business at its campuses.