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Nutrition Programs

Is It Time for a Nutrition Check-up?

BurgerIt's Time for a Check-up If…

  • You or a family member have diabetes, high cholesterol, or high blood pressure.
  • You diet routinely, only to regain the weight.
  • You dislike your body image and/or struggle with obesity.
  • You are discontent with your current eating patterns.
  • You eat on the run and survive on hit-or-miss meals.
  • You routinely lack energy and feel chronically fatigued.

You want to invest in your health and future well-being.

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Good Nutrition Promotes Good Health

VeggiesThe old adage still rings true - you are what you eat! Memorial Hermann Nutrition Consultants are dedicated to providing nutrition education to individuals of all ages. Our registered, licensed dietitians can help you establish nutrition goals which meet your health needs and fit into your lifestyle.

We believe our personal approach to nutrition management will enhance your ability to achieve your goals.

Our Services Include:

  • Nutrition Evaluation
  • Medical Nutrition Therapy for Adults and Pediatrics:
    • Diabetes/Hypoglycemia
    • Cardiovascular Disease
    • Gastrointestinal Disease
    • Renal Disease
    • Pregnancy/Lactation
    • Vegetarian Nutrition
    • Weight Management
    • General Nutrition/Wellness/Sports
  • Personalized Instruction including appropriate educational materials, meal planning, and restaurant dining
  • Follow-up and Support
  • Group Classes and Seminars

We consult with your physician to ensure your nutrition plan meets your specific health needs. Making nutrition and lifestyle changes can greatly enhance your health and any treatment plan as prescribed by you physician.

Scheduling Information

  • Appointments may be made at the facility most convenient to you.
  • If insurance is to reimburse for the service, a referral form must be completed and any necessary insurance authorization received prior to the appointment. Your physician may send the information to us or you may bring it with you to your first appointment. The insurance co-pay or complete payment for service is payable at the time of the appointment.
  • Self-pay patients are welcome. A referral form and specific health information may be required to assure the medical nutrition therapy meets your individual needs. Complete payment for service is payable at the time of the appointment.

Our priority is to help you meet your nutrition goals by working with you to develop a plan that fits your lifestyle.

Our Dietitians:

  • Have a Bachelor of Science degree in Foods and Nutrition
  • Are Registered by the American Dietetic Association
  • Are Licensed by the State of Texas
  • Have completed an American Dietetic Association accredited internship or post-graduate training

Continuing education requirements for registered and licensed dietitians are your assurance that you are receiving current information on the impact of nutrition on your health care.

For More Information

For more information about Memorial Hermann Nutrition Consultants, to obtain a referral form, or to schedule a consultation, please call the facility most convenient to you:

Facility/ RD


Diagnosis/Pts Seen


Accepts Self Pay


Accepts Outside Referrals





Memorial City


Bariatrics; all diagnosis; except eating disorders and diabetes; Tube Feedings and Total Parental Nutrition


Yes, physician referral needed


Yes, physician referral needed


713-242-3700 (P)

713-242-3964 (F) Attn: Nellie or Beverly



>18 yrs with Diabetes Types 1 and 2; Gestational Diabetes; Pre-Diabetes; no other diagnoses at this time






713-456-5150 (P)

713-456-5443 (F)



> 18 yrs; Diabetes Types 1, 2, pre- diabetes & Gestational Diabetes; Metabolic Syndrome; PCOS; cancer 

Bariatrics; Adult and pedi >7 YO weight management


Yes, physician referral needed 



Yes, physician referral needed 



281-929-6485 (P)

281-929-4710 (F)

Greater Heights


Pedi >5 yrs + adults; all diagnosis except eating disorders








713-867-3336 (P)

713-867-4630 (F)




Diabetes Types 1 and 2, Gestational Diabetes and Pre-Diabetes

pedi >5 yrs + adults; all diagnoses except eating disorders


Yes; physician referral needed



Outpatient-TW pts only; for questions call Becky



713-897-2514 (P)

713-897-2381 (F)



Texas Medical Center


>18 yrs; no eating disorders; all diabetes not on insulin; gestational diabetes not on insulin; GI disorders; HTN; hyperlipidemia; weight management; vegetarian; wellness nutrition; gastric lap band/bypass


Yes, physician referral
NOT needed


Yes, physician referral needed if to be billed to insurance


713-704-6500 (P)

713-704-5113 (F)

Sports Medicine Center-TMC


All ages; sports; general wellness




Yes, physician referral needed if to be billed to insurance


713-704-6500 (P)

713-704-5113 (F)




Bariatrics; all nutrition diagnosis; GDM; all diabetic pts except those on insulin


Yes; physician referral needed


Yes, physician referral needed


281-725-5050 (P)

281-725-5660 (F)