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Schedule a Sleep Study

A physician's order is required to undergo a sleep study. If you have a physician's order, you can schedule an adult or pediatric sleep study online at any of our 11 Houston-area locations.

Sleep medicine specialists diagnose and treat sleep disorders, evaluate results of sleep studies, and monitor a patient's overall health. They can also refer patients for a sleep study when appropriate.

For Physicians

To schedule a study for a patient, fax the following to your preferred Memorial Hermann Sleep Center.

  • Physician order for the study
  • Patient's demographic sheet including address,phone and date of birth
  • Copy of patient's insurance card (both sides)
  • History and physical (or physician's office visit notes)

How to Prepare for a Sleep Study

When you arrive, you'll be shown to your private room. Test preparation will begin shortly afterward. The test is painless and begins with the attachment of electrodes to your head,chin, chest and legs, which takes about 45 minutes. You'll then be allowed to relax in your room before bedtime.

You may bring reading material or watch TV in your room. You are also welcome to bring a family member with you, but they will be asked to leave before the beginning of the test.

Bring with you all the items you'll need for an overnight stay. Your private room is equipped with a shower,and towels and soap will be provided. Please bring personal toiletry items and a robe, pajamas, gown or shorts for sleeping.

Each single patient room has a comfortable queen-size Tempur-Pedic bed. You may bring a favorite pillow or blanket.

If you need to be at work the morning after testing, inform the technologist as soon as you arrive to allow him time to take appropriate steps to ensure that you leave on time.

Please eat a good meal before arriving (try not to eat anything unusual), and avoid caffeine and alcohol on the day of your study. You will not be served dinner at the center.

Bring with you all the medications you take at night or in the morning. Do not take any optional medications such as sleeping pills, antihistamines or tranquilizers that you're not required to take on a daily basis. If you're uncertain about which medications to take, check with your doctor.


Many health insurance companies cover the cost of testing for sleep disorders and often pay for the equipment necessary for prevention and treatment. Inquire with your insurance company for details about your coverage.


Notify the Sleep Disorders Center 24 hours before your appointment for any time changes or cancellation. This is very important due the number of people waiting to schedule sleep studies. If your appointment is not confirmed 24 hours in advance, we may reschedule you for the next available opening.