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How does Virtual Clinic work?


If you are currently an MHMG patient, you may schedule a Virtual Clinic appointment here or by calling
(832) 658-MHVC (6482)


If scheduling an appointment online, you will be contacted by a dedicated Virtual Clinic agent who will assist you in preparing for the Virtual Clinic visit with a board certified physician via the
Everyday Well Patient Portal.


To initiate the Virtual Clinic appointment, the agent will send you an email inviting you to join Everyday Well. If you already have an Everyday Well account, you may access the appointment
using your Everyday Well account.


If this is your first time scheduling a Virtual Clinic appointment, you will need to download the Memorial Hermann Virtual Clinic app. You can download it by clicking here. Once it is installed, you will need to log in using your Everyday Well account.


If there are any on-line forms to complete, there will be an alert after you log in. You will need to complete the on-line forms before the Virtual Clinic appointment can be completed.


At the scheduled appointment time, you will select the ‘Appointments’ icon and join the
Virtual Clinic appointment.


During the visit, the physician may make a diagnosis and recommend a treatment plan.


After the visit, you will receive a visit summary accessible via your Everyday Well patient portal, and your electronic health record will be updated with information from the Virtual Clinic visit.

The Virtual clinic App is now available

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What devices and operating systems are supported?

Patients may access a Virtual Clinic visit on a desktop computer, laptop computer, tablet or smart phone. Google Chrome, Internet Explorer,
Firefox and Safari Internet browsers support Virtual Clinic. Android and iOS support Virtual Clinic on tablets and smart phones.