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Patient Spotlight

Below are a just a few examples of awe inspiring patient stories at Memorial Hermann.

Stem Cell Treatment

Talon, Stem Cell Treatment

Children's Memorial Hermann Hospital helped Talon recover from a traumatic car accident.
Watch Talon's Story

Traumatic Brain Injury

McKenzy, Traumatic Brain Injury

TIRR Memorial Hermann gave McKenzy her life back after being thrown from the tailgate of a pickup truck.
Read McKenzy's Story

Traumatic Brain Injury

Logan, Traumatic Brain Injury

Physical and occupational therapy helped Logan walk out of TIRR Memorial Hermann 39 days after a wakeboarding accident.
Read Logan's Story

Traumatic Injury

Garret, Traumatic Injury

A dirt bike accident left a branch pierced through Garret's neck. Quick action by Memorial Hermann Life Flight® and the pediatric trauma team at Children's Memorial Hermann Hospital allowed 12-year-old Garret to make a full recovery.
Read Garret's Story

Spinal Cord Injury

Staman, Spinal Cord Injury

After sustaining a severe spinal cord injury while riding his bicycle, Staman decided to use this experience for the good of those who currently suffer from a spinal injury or will suffer from one in the future.
Read Staman's Story


Luke, Epilepsy

Luke was admitted to the Epilepsy Monitoring Unit (EMU) at Children's Memorial Hermann Hospital to evaluate his seizures. Electrodes were placed on his scalp allowing the pediatric neurologist to determine where the seizures were localized in the brain, making Luke a candidate for resective surgery for epilepsy.
Read Luke's Story

Mitochondrial Disorder

Katie, Mitochondrial Disorder

Before being treated by a pediatric neurologist affiliated with Children's Memorial Hermann Hospital, 5-year-old Katie lived a life of daily seizures, developmental deficits and repeat visits to specialists who had no answers. Just months after beginning treatment for a glucose transporter deficiency, Katie could talk and run for the first time in her life.
Read Katie's Story

Traumatic Injury

Tristen, Traumatic Injury

The emergency team at Children's Memorial Hermann Hospital worked quickly when 5-year-old Tristen, a rodeo rider, arrived with a grade 4 spleen injury from a horse's hoof hitting her on the left side of the chest just below the heart.
Read Tristen's Story


Dorothy, Stroke

Following her stroke, Dorothy benefited from innovative neurorehabilitative technology and integrated care at Mischer Neuroscience Institute and TIRR Memorial Hermann.
Read Dorothy's Story

Cerebral Folate Deficiency

Evan, Cerebral Folate Deficiency

Diagnosing Evan’s CFD was the ultimate game-changer. “We went to three hospitals and over 30 specialists before Dr. Frye and Children’s Memorial Hermann Hospital gave us our child back,” says Evan's mother. “Dr. Frye offered hope we couldn’t find anywhere else. He took the time to listen and did not give up on Evan.”
Read Evan's Story