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High local premature birth rates linked to obesity, care access
Dr. Sean Blackwell, obstetrician affiliated with Children’s Memorial Hermann Hospital, comments on risk factors for preterm birth. Houston has one of highest rates of premature births in the nation, a problem experts say could reflect a lack of access to care and high levels of obesity.
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PJH East wins CPAs Helping Schools grant for robotics
Pearland Junior High East science teacher Amy Etchberger recently won a $685 CPAs Helping Schools grant to continue the school’s “Building STEM through Robotics” program. The PJH East robotics program has also received support from the Pearland ISD Education Foundation, Pearland Lions Club, Hometown Bank of Pearland, Media Riders Inc. and Memorial Hermann.
Representative Murphy Hosts West Houston Teen Leadership Summit
State Representative Jim Murphy (HD-133) will host the 2016 West Houston Teen Leadership Summit on Saturday, February 20th. The Teen Summit's goal is to help develop the leadership skills of high school students by connecting them with local executives, politicians, and community leaders. Houston businesses represented at the Teen Summit include Memorial Hermann.

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TIRR Memorial Hermann Rehab Network
TIRR Memorial Hermann and the Memorial Hermann Rehabilitation Network have one goal in mind: community Integration, getting our patients back to the life they love. Our staff is comprised of passionat...
TIRR Memorial Hermann Camp Kids Unlimited Camp Kids Unlimited is a summer camp for young people with physical disabilities. The camp will take place at Camp Aranzazu in R...
TIRR Memorial Hermann Uses Innovative Technology in Rehabilitation
TIRR Memorial Hermann is a leader in research and technology to assist in our patients' rehabilitation. We believe in giving our patients access to the latest technology and medical breakthroughs to p...