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Memorial Hermann Information Exchange - FAQ

How will MHiE benefit my family and me?

When you need immediate medical attention, the doctor needs your most up-to-date health information right away. MHiE helps healthcare professionals access that information quickly and easily so they can manage your treatment based on current medications you are taking and your existing medical conditions.

MHiE combines your medical information from multiple Exchange Members into a single digital record. When you opt in to MHiE, you give physicians and healthcare organizations that are Exchange Members access to your medical history. You benefit from more coordinated care, which reduces the likelihood of dangerous drug interactions, lost test results or unnecessary procedures.

Who has access to my health information?

By opting in to MHiE, your key medical information is made available to caregivers who are members of the exchange and have a clinical reason for accessing your information.

How is my information protected?

Your health information is protected by State and Federal laws. In addition, MHiE uses state-of-the-art information systems technology to keep your health records safe and secure. Only participating providers and healthcare organization employees with a documented need for patient information will have access to view patient records within MHiE.

How much does it cost to enroll in MHiE?

MHIE is a free service for patients.

How do I leave MHiE if I change my mind?

Enrolling in MHiE is voluntary. If you choose to stop participating, any information already in the system will be blocked from access. To end participation in MHiE, you will need to contact MHiE at 713.456.MHiE (6443).

How do I sign up for MHiE?

To sign up for MHiE, you simply sign a consent form when you visit each of your participating healthcare providers and healthcare organizations. Once a provider has received your consent, they will be authorized to submit your health information to MHiE.

What if my provider is not currently participating in MHiE?

If your provider is not a current participant, he or she can learn more about MHiE and our authorization process by visiting