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Memorial Hermann Foundation

Renal Cell Cancer Research 

Dr. Amato's Renal Cell Cancer (RCC) research has the potential to improve outcomes, decrease toxicity and reduce healthcare costs by targeting the most appropriate therapy for RCC patients. If proven effective, this research has the potential to change the landscape of cancer treatment in Houston, the United States and around the world. Your support will not only provide transformational change in the way RCC patients are treated, but also potentially have a significant impact on the treatment of all cancers.

Your Philanthropic Gift Will Help Fund


  • Phase I clinical trials for personalized RCC therapy for one year
  • Collection and analysis of CTCs to monitor RCC therapy for one year


  • The first six months of a mouse model to test new drugs and personalized RCC therapies
  • The participation of 25 patients in all three studies¬†


  • The instrumentation to grow CTC cultures for gene analysis
  • A research scientist for one year


  • A post-doctoral research fellow for one year
  • A lab technician for one year


  • Gene sequencing for five patients to determine personalized RCC therapy


  • The participation of one patient in all three studies
  • Six months of supplies to operate the CTC enumeration machine


  • A patient's CTC gene analysis for one year
  • Cell preparation kits to isolate CTCs for 50 patients


  • A full analysis of a patient's tumor genomic profile
  • One year of tissue preservation to determine personalized therapy


  • Isolation and cultures of CTCs for gene analysis for four patients


  • The identification of CTCs for 10 patients