Jerry AshworthAll those who enter our main doors pass an uplifting statue entitled Prometheus Unbound, and a plaque engraved with the words of TIRR Memorial Hermann founder Dr. William A. Spencer: “Man uses the tiniest strengths for the greatest purposes.” These words remind our patients and staff that disability is no barrier to using experience, skills and talents to contribute to the lives of people around us.

At TIRR Memorial Hermann we have achieved remarkable results in rehabilitation by focusing on clinical care, research, education and advocacy. We accept the challenge of the most complex cases and maintain a high rate of discharge to the community. Advocacy is woven into our fabric. Our research funding stands at an all-time high of nearly $30 million, and our Education Academy continues to educate clinicians from around the world.

Independence and inclusion are our top goals, and our adapted sports program is a great example of this. Earlier this fall, two of our TIRR Memorial Hermann Junior Hotwheels players, Garrett Castillo and Carrington Marendes, signed letters of intent to play wheelchair basketball at The University of Texas at Arlington, home to one of the-top National Wheelchair Basketball Association college programs.

We will continue to work to remove barriers to achievement for people with disabilities, a goal becoming increasingly important as our population ages. Older people with disabilities are among the most adversely affected because they also face age barriers in society. We are committed to protecting their dignity and ensuring that we plan for the future.

Winter 2019 Edition