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What Conditions Can We Treat?

Pelvic floor disorders are more common than you think but many people are reluctant to seek help and don’t realize there are solutions. The affiliated multidisciplinary specialists at Memorial Hermann Pelvic Floor Health Centers offer diagnosis and treatment for:

What is a Pelvic Health Nurse Navigator?

Nurse navigators offer specialized pelvic floor knowledge that enables them to serve as your personal guide, educating and advising you on what to expect through diagnosis, treatment, therapy and follow-up care. They are available to answer questions and provide you with information on your pelvic health journey to an improved quality of life.

Consultation with a nurse navigator is confidential and complimentary. The team at the Memorial Hermann Pelvic Floor Health Centers aims to guide you through the diagnosis and treatment process, ensuring you receive the best possible care.

Scheduling a Phone Consultation 

You have the option to schedule a consultation online for a one-on-one phone consultation with a dedicated nurse navigator. Click here to schedule online today.

Choose to Live a Symptom-free Life

Pelvic floor disorders are not a normal part of aging. However, if left untreated, they can worsen as you age. Getting help now can make all the difference for you. Let our team help you get back to the active life you enjoy and deserve.

Stop missing out on your favorite activities due to pelvic pain, discomfort or embarrassment.

Pelvic floor disorders are very treatable conditions -- if caught early.

Find out how you can take back control and enjoy the quality of life you deserve.

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