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Wound Care

Memorial Hermann Wound Care – Northeast

18960 North Memorial Dr, Humble, TX 77338
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General Information

Serving the residents of Humble, Kingwood and the entire Lake Houston area, Memorial Hermann Wound Care provides a comprehensive approach - offering the most advanced options for treating patients with chronic non-healing wounds. The highly skilled team features affiliated physicians, nurses and technicians with advanced training in wound care, skin grafting, casting and hyperbaric oxygen therapy (HBOT).

Under the medical direction of Liza Jemison, MD, hyperbaric medicine and wound care specialist, the Wound Care team evaluates conditions and formulates individualized patient treatment plans using the most effective technologies available to provide maximum healing and relief.

Comprehensive Treatment

The center offers a comprehensive evaluation to develop an individualized, aggressive treatment program for non-healing wounds. We provide interdisciplinary, comprehensive wound management that integrates advanced wound care techniques, products and services. Patient education, including at-home wound care, nutrition, exercises and other measures to aid healing and prevention, is an integral part of all treatment plans.

Services Offered Include:

Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy

Hyperbaric oxygen therapy (HBOT) promotes healing by increasing the level of oxygen in the tissue and improving the healing efficiency of the white blood cells. Therapy is administered in a hyperbaric chamber that delivers 100% oxygen with increased atmospheric pressure, stimulating the entire body’s natural healing responses. Patients undergoing therapy have complete privacy in comfortable, individual chambers equipped with televisions and headphones for patient entertainment.

HBOT is beneficial for diabetic patients with non-healing ulcers, as well as those with arterial ulcers and other types of wounds that fail to respond to conservative therapy. It is also a treatment for conditions such as acute carbon monoxide intoxication, crush injuries, osteoradionecrosis, and diabetic wounds.

Clinical Efforts

The center utilizes an aggressive approach to heal wounds faster and focuses on prevention for the future. One of these therapies is the use of advanced bio-engineered living tissue.Patients are examined and evaluated for all possible physical conditions, such as diabetes, that could interfere with proper healing. The care team follows evidence-based clinical pathways to determine why wounds are not healing. This determination is then used to develop individual treatment plans utilizing the most effective technologies available to provide maximum healing.

Scheduling Information

Please call (281) 540-6322 to schedule.

Parking Information

Parking is available in the Emergency Center, Visitor Parking Lot and Lot G. The Wound Care Center is to the north of the Emergency Center and Visitor lot. It is south to Lot G.