Prepare For Your Inpatient Hospital Visit

We know that staying in the hospital overnight can be stressful. Here at Memorial Hermann, we do everything possible to provide a comfortable environment for you and your visitors. To help you prepare, we offer the following guidelines.

What to Bring for Your Inpatient Hospital Visit

To ensure a smooth admission process, bring the following:

  • Insurance identification card or Medicare card (if applicable)
  • List of all medications you are taking, as well as any food or medication allergies
  • Personal items, such as toiletries, reading materials and glasses, audio tapes, photos; personal pillow and blanket, if desired

Some personal belongings require special care. Ask your nurse for a denture cup for your dentures and a personal belonging bag for any other items you may need to store. Be sure your name is on the cup or bag.

Please understand that we cannot accept responsibility for valuables left in your room. You may wish to leave money, jewelry and credit cards with a family member or at home. If you must keep your valuables with you, arrangements can be made by a staff member to use the hospital safe. We ask that you understand that any items you choose to keep in your possession are your responsibility.

Your Room

We will try to make you as comfortable as possible in your room. Your bed will have a control button for raising or lowering, depending on what feels best to you, when. For your safety and comfort, we will clean and disinfect your room regularly.

In facilities where they may be a limited number of private rooms, all private rooms are assigned based on current availability. If you desire a private room, please make your request upon admission. Because insurance companies pay only semi-private rates, you will be asked to make payment arrangements with the Business Office.

Your Meals 

The Food and Nutrition staff of Memorial Hermann is committed to caring for you and serving your individual needs. We strive every day to provide an excellent food service experience for all the patients in our care. If at any time, we fail to meet your needs, please do not hesitate to let us know.

In keeping with that goal you will be provided a restaurant style menu which has been developed to provide well-balanced daily specials with a wide variety of alternates. Immediately following your admission you will have the option of ordering your meals with the assistance of a Hostess or by using your bedside telephone.

Our professional culinary staff will then prepare your meal and have it delivered at the time of your choosing, or within 45 minutes of your phone call.

Reaching a Staff Member

Staff is only a call away. The remote control device near your bed has a “call” button. Press it for someone to respond over the intercom or in person. For your convenience, you will also find a call button in your bathroom.

Translation Services

To make your stay as smooth as possible, we offer translation services for all languages. If you need assistance in this area, you or your family representative can ask a nurse.

Watching TV

The control buttons for your TV are located on the same remote as the nurse "call button." We do ask that you please have consideration for others and keep the volume at a level that does not disturb others.

Using Your Telephone

  • Local Calls: Dial “9” + the area code and number.
  • Long-Distance Calls: Dial “9” for an outside line, then “0” for the operator to assist with placing a call using your calling card or credit card.
  • Calls Inside the Hospital: Dial the four or five-digit extension.
  • Receiving Calls: Family and friends can call the main number of the hospital and ask for transfer to your room. Or, you can give them your direct extension.
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