HOUSTON (October 30, 2007)

In response to the growth of the Southeast Texas region and the increased demand for children's healthcare services, Children’s Memorial Hermann Hospital is currently undergoing an expansion project that will increase capacity and enhance the services offered.

"The current demand for our services nearly outstrips our available capacity," said Craig Cordola, chief executive officer of Children's Memorial Hermann Hospital. "This expansion is a good move for our patients and a logical step towards accomplishing our growth objectives."

With a target completion date of January 2008, the renovation project is set to put the hospital at just over 240 beds and includes construction on the eighth floor, which will house 24 pediatric beds and six pediatric observation rooms. In addition, the neonatal intensive care unit (NICU) will increase in capacity to 130 beds, including 38 single rooms. Roger and Debbie Clemens personally pledged $3 million towards the new sports-themed pediatric wing and therapy room. Additionally, Hendricks Sports Management pledged $750,000 for the project.

"Not only will we be able to accommodate the growth of the area," said Jody Graham, chief operating officer of Children's Memorial Hermann Hospital, "but we'll also be able to provide an entirely new level of care through our private NICU rooms."

These single rooms allow patients to receive special and intensive care in a private atmosphere where families can stay with their babies.

The floor will also house a pediatric gym for occupational and physical therapy and a state-of-the-art breast milk fortification area, where milk can be fortified to a higher caloric value to help support growth in premature babies.

"Through this expansion, we'll also be able to accommodate our growing subspecialties, such as the maternal fetal medicine, neurosciences, and children's cardiovascular surgical services," said Steven Weber, Chief Patient Care Officer of Children's Memorial Hermann Hospital.

He concluded that, "Opportunities like these-whether it's a physical expansion or the addition of services-truly help us build on our brand promise of providing better patient experiences with the best possible outcomes for everyone we serve."

Children's Memorial Hermann Hospital is actively recruiting to staff our new NICU and pediatric areas. For more information about employment at Children's Memorial Hermann Hospital, visit our Careers section or contact Human Resources at 713-704-3514.