HUMBLE, TEXAS (June 16, 2009)

Memorial Hermann Northeast Hospital employees and physicians were recently honored for their "WOW" factor.

At the Northeast campus, "WOW" stands for "Working On Wonderful" and 132 physicians and employees were recognized during a special ceremony for "WOWing" their patients.

The program is called "iWOWed" and it stands for "i Work On Wonderful every day." The purpose of the program is to recognize staff members and employees for positive customer service based on verbal or written compliments including letters, emails, phone calls or comments from the Hospital's customer service surveys.

There are four levels of recognition, all based on how often an employee or physician is recognized. The more compliments an employee receives, the more recognition they will receive.

Those honored included:

Glow Level -- More than 16 compliments in the last three months:

  • Endoscopy: Missy Williams
  • IMCU: Tamekia Palmer
  • Physicians: Dr. Parendra Banker
  • Emergency Department: Christina Sonnier, Gloria White, Kay Ryals, Linda Lutz, Rebecca James, Renea Fletcher, Sharla Powell, Suzy Goad, Cori Davis, Dr. Jeff Chamber, Wesley Colwell, James Campbell, Alvin Perry

Gold Level - 10 to 15 compliments in the last three months:

  • Emergency Center: Robyn West, Kenneth Lowder, James Lamb, Dr. Manuel Delarosa, Tina Adams, Doyle Lowrance, Jerry Gibson, Dr Katherine Healy, David Larkin, Heather Sharp, Dawn Mercer, Dr. Barrington Iruke, Emily McGehee, Sebastian Whitney
  • Therapy Services: Maria Honaski, Cindy Danielson
  • Mother/Baby: Paula Nabors
  • Radiology: Daniel Sullivan
  • Patient Access: Rachel Pequeno

Silver Level - six to nine compliments in the last three months:

  • Endoscopy: Priscilla Sims, Stephanie Miller, Kimberly Melton
  • OPID: Virdie Brown
  • Patient Access: Deborah Fregia, Bernadette Alva
  • Cardiopulmonary: Mary Box
  • MICU: Kathie Maass
  • Day Surgery: Karen Kolar
  • Emergency Center: Kristina Wheeler, D'Ann Baily, Julie Frazier, Tammy Hopson, Jonna Gibson, Clive Lewis, Gerri Rodriguez, Todd Ellison, Sue Linda Barry
  • Therapy Services: Robin Ardoin, Jane Mennie
  • EEG: Felicia Williams
  • Lab: Euradel Roy
  • Radiology: Deirdre Reed, Janann Downey
  • Wound Care: Marty Kennedy, Michael Ruttle, Gloria Bufford, Ann Butler

Bronze Level - Three to five compliments in the last three months:

  • Endoscopy: Carla Buttitta, Rita Butler, Emily Hill
  • Patient Access: Regina Johnson, Shirley Jordan, Sandra Herrera, Robert Garland
  • SCU: Marlene Zuckerman, Chris Luerra, Eva Cox, Jacqui Delgado, Rose Nelms
  • Cardiovascular: Trisha Miller
  • MICU: Marlene McNatty, Sue Pathanibal
  • Day Surgery: Susan Leake, Joan Klopp
  • Emergency Center: Dr. Paul Mayer, Erwina Consuji, Lisa Patton, Keith Bailey, Michael Smith, Dr. Howard Ng, Ashley Cates, Mary Goodman, Dr. Joseph Zibulewsky, Tina Chao, Kevin Harris, Lena Longoria.
  • Therapy Services: Allie Schreck
  • Cancer Center: Linda Wuest, Peggy Knorr
  • Case Management: Linda Davison
  • EEG: Dorothy Brown
  • EVS (Housekeeping): Rosemary Velazquez
  • Facilities: William Wade
  • Human Resources: Tony Robinson, Diana Guajardo, Leslie Cervantez
  • Women's Center: Amy Silva, Sandra Hern, Sandy Poole, Debbie Stefka, Summer Welch
  • MS2: Nada Cinara, Katherine Kellogg
  • MS3: La Tasha Ingram
  • MS4: Daisy Gama, Vickie Nelson, Nancy Curry
  • Radiology: Jamie Cessac, Byron Yarbrough, Mohamed Sarraj, Christopher Garton
  • Wound Care: Lisa Williams, Johnette Jarrett, Linda Law, Chris Shaw
  • Physicians: Dr. Malcolm Bremer, Dr. Mohan Jacob, Dr. Marcy Lim, Dr. Juan Villafani, Dr. Ranga Nathan, Dr. Michael Morris, Dr. Heinrich Schettler, Dr. Angel Munoz, Dr. Norman Sorgen, Dr. William Blank, Dr. Jose Ortega, Dr. Christopher Glen, Dr. Shan Biscette