THE WOODLANDS, TEXAS (February 01, 2010)

The Woodlands medical staff wearing greenMemorial Hermann The Woodlands Medical Center Green Team members: Suzanne Zenga, from left, Glenn Ruggles, Mary Northcutt, Tricia Kingdon, Cheryl Dykes, Gina Purcell, Kristin Drewniok, and Jeff Kouts.

Memorial Hermann The Woodlands, which has been serving The Woodlands and nearby communities for 25 years, is going green. Green represents environmentalism and sustainability, and Memorial Hermann The Woodlands is implementing a new program to conserve natural resources and create a healthier environment for patients, staff, and visitors.

"Our goal is to be sensibly green," said Steve Sanders, CEO of Memorial Hermann The Woodlands. "Sustainable practices go hand in hand with our mission to keep patients, employees and our community well."

Memorial Hermann The Woodlands' overall goal is to recycle, reduce and reuse through a number of green initiatives. In addition to campus-wide recycling of cardboard, paper, aluminum and plastic, the hospital has implemented green cleaning practices. Environmentally-friendly cleaning products are used when possible. Additionally, micro-fiber mops are now used at Memorial Hermann The Woodlands. With micro-fiber, housekeepers use less water, compared to the traditional method of mopping.

Other EPA green-compliant projects include the use of 100 percent recycled paper towels and tissue, and the installation of automated dispensers in restrooms, a technology proven to reduce waste.

According to Jeff Kouts, director of environmental services at Memorial Hermann The Woodlands, the hospital is on pace to dispose of 2 million pounds of waste this year.

"Last year, we diverted approximately 11 percent of our waste from landfills," said Kouts. "Through the implementation of our new green practices, we have set a new goal moving forward - to divert 50 percent of our waste from landfills."

Kouts also said hospital employees are excited and getting involved by volunteering on a "green" team called Partners in Green. Participants help to manage the program, promote recycling, brainstorm initiatives and create an overall environmentally-friendly culture within the hospital.

In the long term Memorial Hermann The Woodlands seeks to drastically reduce its environmental impact and to achieve LEED certification. LEED certification involves measurement of the environmental impact of a facility's green programs in areas related to sustainability, water efficiency, energy and atmosphere, materials and resources, and indoor air quality.

For more information on Memorial Hermann The Woodlands Hospital, call (281) 364-2300.