HOUSTON (May 12, 2010)

Dr. Terry Scarborough and Dr. Sherman Yu of Memorial Hermann-Texas Medical Center have become the first Houston area surgeons to perform an adjustable gastric band procedure using flexible laparoscopic surgery, an entirely new class of minimally invasive surgery.

The procedure was performed at Memorial Hermann-Texas Medical Center on Wednesday, May 12, during a gastric Lap-BAND® procedure.

"This minimally invasive approach allows us to perform surgery through a single, small incision located within the patient's belly button," said Dr. Terry Scarborough, bariatric surgeon at Texas Laparoscopic Center. "The SPIDER™ single incision technique ultimately provides patients with faster recovery times, less pain, fewer complications and improved aesthetic results."

Surgeons insert the SPIDER Surgical System through a single incision (approximately 2 cm) at the belly button. The surgical system then opens up within the abdomen providing the surgeon with two flexible channels for their right and left hand surgical instruments, and two additional channels for a camera and instruments. The surgeon uses small, flexible instruments that are less than 5mm in diameter. Once the surgery is complete, the flexible surgical system closes up and is removed through the single incision at the belly button.

By adding flexible laparoscopy to its services, Memorial Hermann-Texas Medical Center is demonstrating its continued leadership in providing patients with advanced, minimally invasive surgical options.