HOUSTON (September 20, 2013)

TIRR Memorial Hermann offers help and hope to people whose lives are significantly altered by a disabling injury or illness. Although the organization is routinely recognized as a national leader in medical rehabilitation and research, it continually seeks ways to improve patient care and outcomes.

The Pathway to Excellence Program’s Practice Standards provide the framework to create a positive practice environment that supports ongoing pursuit of excellence. As a result, TIRR Memorial Hermann’s quality outcomes continually exceed expectations:

“Nurses are driving process change for the good of patients and staff,” says Mary Ann Euliarte, RN, CRRN, chief nursing officer/chief operating officer. “The Pathway journey definitely helps us raise the bar.”


About the Pathway to Excellence Program

The Pathway to Excellence Program recognizes a healthcare organization’s commitment to creating a positive nursing practice environment. The Pathway to Excellence in Long Term Care® program is the first to recognize this type of supportive work setting specifically in long-term care facilities. Pathway organizations focus on collaboration, career development, and accountable leadership to empower nurses.