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Child Wish List

For more information or to donate, contact the Memorial Hermann Foundation at 713-242-4400. Below are examples of some items that can truly make a difference in a child's life.

Name & Description of Item

Art Supplies including:
Paper, markers, colored pencils, doodle art pages

Journals - for our long-term patients

Puzzle books [sudoku, crossword], word search, etc.

X-Box 360 with games (rated "K" or "E")
Wii games

Uno, Skip-Bo, Phase 10

CD players and Music CDs - assorted

Childrens' Books - English and Spanish

Puzzles - 24 - 250 pieces

Infant Toys (plastic only)
Pop-Up Boxes
Music and light toys
Activity tables
Push toys
Crib gyms


Matchbox style cars/trucks

Umbrella Strollers

New Underwear & Socks:
All sizes - Premie and up to teenagers

Barbies and clothing

Large farm animals

Large zoo animals

Shape Sorting Toys

Coloring books

Crayons - 8-pack

Handheld mirrors with handle - nonbreakable


Boppy pillows

DVDs (rated G or PG only)

Action Figures

Baby Dolls, clothes and accessories

Fingernail Polish