What Is a Ganglion Cyst?

A ganglion cyst is a swelling or mass that is usually seen on the back of the wrist but can also appear on the palm side of the wrist or at the base of the fingers. A ganglion cyst is formed when the tissue that lines the joints or tendons fills with fluid. These cysts can grow larger or smaller with time and some will resolve if left alone. The increase in size usually occurs with irritation. These cysts are benign.

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How Is a Ganglion Cyst Treated?

If the cyst is small and painless, it is observed and no treatment is necessary. If the cyst grows rapidly, is unsightly or is painful and interferes with daily use of the hand we recommend removing it. This is a day surgery procedure and your child will be able to use his/her hand that day. The dissolving sutures will be internal with Steri-Strips placed over the point of skin closure. The external bandage can be removed after 48 hours and your child may bathe as usual allowing the Steri-Strips to fall off on their own.

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