At Children’s Memorial Hermann Hospital, we understand that it’s not easy being a hospitalized child or an anxious parent and/or guardian. That why we do everything we can to provide you and your child with a safe, caring and nurturing environment to make your stay here as comfortable as possible.

During your child’s hospital visit, he or she may undergo a painful or uncomfortable procedure. Our expert care team is dedicated to relieving pain and discomfort in a variety of way and will make every effort to keep your child as content as possible.

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Pain Management Methods

Pain management is the right of every child. Parents and/or guardians should work with the doctors and nurses to help plan the best pain management for your child. Methods to relieve pain can be divided into two categories: pharmacological (with medicine) or non-pharmacological (without medicine).

A+ Care: A Compassionate and Proactive Approach to Pain Control

In an effort to further reduce pain, anxiety and discomfort for our youngest patients, our A+ Care program is a pain management combined approach of pharmacological and non-pharmacological care designed to provide patients and their families with the necessary tools to collaborate with their caregiver team, and plan for and manage any pain that might occur during the child’s treatment.

The A+ Care approach:

  • A member of our team will meet with you to discuss your child’s individual needs and previous experiences to learn the best way to minimize stress and discomfort.
  • We will provide you will pain management techniques including medications, environmental support and comfort measures, such as distraction techniques.
  • When possible, we will discuss the procedure in advance to ensure that you and your child understand his or her care.

Managing Pain with Medicine

Doctors and nurses – in consultation with the parent and/or guardian may choose to lessen the pain by using medicines in a variety of forms. They may use a tablet or liquid taken by mouth, or an injection into the skin or muscle, or through a small tube called an intravenous (IV) catheter, placed into a vein.

Managing Pain without Medicine

Giving your child some control or input during his or her treatment can help in reducing pain. One example of this is providing your child with the opportunity to help make decisions concerning his or her treatment. Other effective ways to manage pain without medicine are described below:

  • Heat and cold can relieve pain. Ice wrapped in a cloth sometimes helps ease discomfort, and heating pads can help relieve muscle pain.
  • Reducing stress helps lessen pain and gives patients a sense of control. Try taking deep, slow breaths in and out.
  • Distractions, such as playing video games, watching movies and TV, reading and listening to music are good ways to ease pain.
  • Physical touch, such as stroking, swaddling, holding, rocking, caressing, cuddling and massaging is important in reducing pain.

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