Children's Memorial Hermann Hospital offers minimally invasive surgical options for pediatric patients facing a variety of medical conditions as part of its commitment to the delivery of high-quality care and improving patient outcomes through advanced technology.

Utilizing the latest robotic surgical equipment, experienced surgeons affiliated with Children’s Memorial Hermann Hospital perform complex procedures through small incisions no larger than a keyhole. The precise nature of this technology offers enhanced visual depth and clarity, which facilitates the delicate operations required in pediatric care. This approach typically leads to better outcomes and faster recovery times for our patients

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Pediatric Conditions Addressed with Robotic Surgery

We offer specialized care for various pediatric conditions, such as:

  • Urology: Robotic surgery offers an advanced, minimally invasive surgical option for pediatric urological conditions with more precise treatment and smaller incisions when compared to other options. This includes complex kidney and bladder reconstructions, typically offering improved outcomes for children with obstructive uropathies and bladder disorders.
  • Trauma: Children’s Memorial Hermann Hospital, a certified level I pediatric trauma center, leverages robotic surgery capabilities for complex urologic reconstructions in the subacute phase following trauma, enhancing the precision and outcomes of these procedures.
  • Spina bifida and neurogenic bladder: We offer advanced, minimally invasive robotic surgeries for conditions such as spina bifida, focusing on improved patient outcomes with innovative robotic procedures for children such as mitrofanoff, bladder neck reconstruction, bladder augmentation.
  • Additional robotic surgery applications include:

Benefits of Robotic Surgery

Robotic surgery at Children's Memorial Hermann Hospital offers numerous advantages to families and patients, including:

  • Greater precision: Surgeons can perform intricate procedures with enhanced visual depth and clarity with robotic assistance, typically improving surgical outcomes.
  • Smaller incisions: This technique requires minimal incisions, which may mean less postoperative discomfort and faster healing.
  • Less scarring: The smaller incisions used in robotic surgery often result in minimal scarring.
  • Faster recovery: Children tend to have shorter hospital stays and quicker returns to daily activities.
  • Lower risk of infection: The less invasive nature of the surgery typically lowers the likelihood of post-surgical infections.

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Minimally invasive pediatric robotic surgery at Children’s Memorial Hermann Hospital is available within the Texas Medical Center.

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