Accredited Cardiac Rehabilitation

For patients who have had a heart attack, bypass surgery, angioplasty, heart transplant or valve replacement, or have angina, congestive heart failure or any other cardiac-related illness, they can benefit from Memorial Hermann Memorial Hermann Heart & Vascular Institute - The Woodlands cardiac rehabilitation program. Located on the first floor of Memorial Hermann The Woodlands Medical Center, the number one goal is to help people with heart disease participate actively and confidently in their own recovery so they can return, as much as possible, to the life they enjoyed before heart disease.

The cardiac rehabilitation program is a three-phase, multidimensional, medically supervised program designed to help patients recover as quickly as possible from heart disease. The program is accredited by the American Association of Cardiovascular and Pulmonary Rehabilitation with a comprehensive focus on exercise, education and lifestyle change, the program is designed to improve overall physical and mental functioning. Patients who participate in a cardiac rehabilitation program following heart surgery or a diagnosis of heart disease tend to have better outcomes in managing their condition.

Physician referral is required for outpatient cardiac rehabilitation.