Watch the following training video, read the Spine booklet and answer and submit the quiz below prior to your procedure.

Step 1: Watch the Presentation

Step 2: Read the Digital Booklet

Click here to access the Spine Class Digital Booklet.

Step 3: Take the Quiz

Who should you notify of changes in your health status, cuts, scratches, animal bites, etc.?

My COACH is someone who..

One Risk for Surgery that will require bedrest is:

I will most likely be staying _____ nights in the hospital.

In preparation for my surgery, I should eat a good breakfast on the day of my surgery.

CHG use is a very important part of infection control. I will take _____ showers at home before surgery using CHG.

The incentive spirometer should be used ______ times an hour while I am awake to help prevent post-operative pneumonia.

I should shave my surgical site prior to my surgery.

I will take a CHG "bath" with wipes and swab my nose with iodine gel in the pre-op room in an effort to:

I should take my pain medication at home when my pain is:

I should tell my surgeon, if I see _____ drainage coming from my incision.

Before doing any exercises, I should consult with my surgeon, that I have been cleared from precautions.

No BLT’s means I am not able to eat a Bacon, Lettuce and Tomato sandwich while recovering.

I should use the Log Roll Technique when getting in and out of bed.

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