If you or a loved one is experiencing seizures, it’s important to keep track of seizure details, including what happens before, during and after your seizures as well as how often they occur. This information will help your doctor diagnose the underlying cause of your seizures and determine the best treatment. This Seizure Tracker Tool Kit will help you and your family capture all of this important information.

Diagnosing Seizures

Seizures can vary greatly from person to person. Sometimes, what may appear to be a seizure may not be a seizure at all. Providing your doctor with a first-person account of exactly what transpired will help your doctor determine if a seizure actually occurred, and, if so, what type of seizure occurred. In addition, the information will help your doctor educate you and your family about what to do and not do when a seizure occurs as well as when to get emergency help.

Identifying Seizure Triggers

The information you capture in your Seizure Tracker can also help you and your doctor determine specific factors which may be contributing to your seizures. These are called seizure triggers. By understanding your triggers, you may be able to lessen the occurrence of seizures.

Determining the Best Treatment

The best course of treatment will depend on the type of seizure and the underlying condition causing the seizure. Once your doctor has diagnosed your specific condition, he or she will use the information you provide to determine which medications or treatments to recommend. Your doctor will likely want you to continue tracking your seizure activity after you begin treatment. This information will be used to determine if and how well the treatment is working. If your condition worsens or doesn’t improve, your doctor may use this information to recommend a different treatment. If your doctor prescribes anti-seizure medication, tracking any side effects on your Seizure Tracker can help you and your doctor understand how well you are tolerating the medication and determine if your medication or dosage needs to be adjusted. Ask your doctor if you have any questions about your condition, treatments or how to best use your Seizure Tracker Tool Kit.

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