Care and Comfort for Pediatric Patients and Families

An adult holds the hand of a child as they walk into the sunset.Memorial Hermann pediatric hospice is here to support and walk alongside your family. Our goal is to care for your child’s medical, emotional, social and spiritual needs to make more good days possible and help you have more quality time together as a family. Our services are an extra layer of support, on top of the quality medical care your child is already receiving for their illness. The hospice team works together with your child’s health care team to provide compassionate, family-centered care.

If you need hospice services for your child, we can help you navigate the process. Our caring, experienced team can guide you and develop a plan that best fits your family. Memorial Hermann will coordinate with your child’s referring care providers and specialists, so you can ensure your child’s needs are being met while providing maximum comfort.

What is Pediatric Hospice?

Pediatric hospice is medical and comfort care for children who are going through the end stage of a terminal illness. Generally, hospice care is introduced when the physician determines that the child’s illness is not curable and that they may live for 6 months or less. The focus of services is on quality of life, pain relief and other palliative care.

Hospice care is provided in the comfort of the child’s home. This may be the family’s home or a health care facility. Sometimes pediatric patients need to be in the hospital for a short time and then return back home. Hospice care follows them wherever they are.

What Does Memorial Hermann Pediatric Hospice Provide?

Physical Care/Pain and Symptom Management

  • Pediatric hospice physicians and nurses work together with the child’s regular team of physicians to provide coordinated care for pain and symptom management, medication administration and other treatment options
  • On-call pediatric hospice physicians and nurses are available 24 hours/day
  • Specialized medications and medical equipment can be delivered to the child's home for seamless care delivery

Psychological/Social/Emotional/Spiritual Care and Family Support

  • Licensed social workers are available to assist with the psychological and social-emotional needs of the child, siblings and parents. We can also provide resources for additional counseling, how to talk with children and general next steps for the family.
  • Our on-staff chaplains are available to provide spiritual support for the whole family and assist with locating outside services and community resources.
  • We will coordinate with your family’s church or spiritual community to provide additional support.
  • Specially trained Child Life specialists spend time with the child and their siblings to participate in developmentally driven activities.

Bereavement Support

  • Support for anticipatory grief and loss after death is available to your family members.
  • We continue to support your family after your loss, including ongoing contact, support groups, grief education and in-person meetings.


A child qualifies for Memorial Hermann pediatric hospice care when:

  1. A physician’s expert opinion is that death within 6 months from the child’s medical condition(s) would not be surprising or unexpected.
  2. The child is age 0-21 years old. (We also offer perinatal services.)
  3. The child lives within Greater Houston, including the outlying suburbs.


Most insurance plans will work with us to ensure services are provided.

Many insurance plans will allow for curative and hospice services to be provided at the same time. Traditional Medicaid pays for hospice services, while the child’s original Medicaid plan continues to cover curative treatment.

How Can We Help?

We know that making the right choice for hospice care is important. At Memorial Hermann, we're committed to providing personalized support for you and your loved one. Anyone can inquire about pediatric hospice services. You can request a referral from your child’s physician or reach out to us directly.

Contact Us

For referrals or for more information about Memorial Hermann pediatric hospice, please call (832) 996-2860 Option 1, fax (713) 932-5680, email or complete the form below.

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