Doctor and Patient

Memorial Hermann has established one of Houston's largest network of high-quality Imaging Centers. Once you've selected your preferred location, it is important that you carefully follow your provider's instructions and understand the information below. Our streamlined processes are designed to maximize your comfort and minimize stress.

Imaging Center Benefits

  • All exams are interpreted by board-certified radiologists
  • Results are sent directly to your health care provider, and are available online through your secure Everyday Well account so you can get answers more quickly

Before you make an imaging appointment, talk to your provider about your options. You can utilize our Centers with any provider authorization for imaging services.

How Do I Schedule My Appointment and Prepare for My Visit?

  1. Get a health care provider's order. All imaging procedures require a health care provider order, except screening mammograms. For more information or to find a provider, call 713-222-CARE (2273) or find a doctor.
  2. Schedule your appointment. Schedule an appointment online or call (877) 704-8700. For your convenience, we offer early morning, evening and weekend appointments. Next-day appointments are available at most of our Centers, insurance permitting. We accept most major insurance plans.
  3. Follow all instructions. You will be given instructions if your test requires specific preparation (for example, how long to fast prior to the test). Please bring the following items with you to your appointment:
    • Driver's license/photo ID
    • Insurance card
    • Provider order form
    • Insurance co-payment/deductible
    • Completed patient forms

For the protection of minors, children under the age of 12 must be accompanied by an adult at all times.

What Can I Expect During My Visit

If you have never been to one of our Imaging Centers, you will be asked to arrive earlier than your appointment to allow time for your registration process.


Upon your arrival at the Imaging Center, you will check in at the main desk. The registrar will collect your insurance and identifications cards, and your imaging order.

You will then be given forms to complete. The registrar will call you back to the front desk to confirm your contact information, including email address. Providing your email address will allow our team to send you a secure invitation for your Everyday Well account where you can see your imaging results as well as a summary of your medical record. Click on “Accept Invitation” to create your Everyday Well account and access your imaging results.

This registration process ensures that your results are promptly provided to the appropriate health care provider and all related costs are billed correctly to the insurance provider. You will also be given a description for your scheduled test. As you read the description, feel free to jot down any questions or concerns you may have about the test.

Imaging Orders

An order is required from your referring health care provider to complete your imaging service. A screening mammogram does not require an order.


Payment is required at the time of service and can be made using a check, credit or debit card. The registrar can answer any questions regarding the required amount. Cash is not collected at our imaging centers.

The Radiologist interpreting your diagnostic images will bill separately for their professional services.

Wait Time

In most cases, the imaging order is verified and authorized prior to your appointment; however this will be confirmed during the registration process. Our team works to accommodate walk-ins as schedules permit. If you do not have an appointment, please allow additional time to prepare for your visit and check for available procedure times. Due to the wide array of imaging services provided at our imaging centers, appointment availability can vary with each location.

Imaging Exam

After you complete the registration process, you will be escorted to an area to prepare for your procedure. Lockers are provided to securely store your personal items during your exam. Once the diagnostic imaging exam has been performed, you may have a short wait while the technologist and radiologist review the images for clarity, sharpness and orientation. In some cases, the examination may be repeated, or a different imaging test may be done to gather more information. The technologist will communicate this at the time of your visit.

There is minimal patient recovery for most diagnostic imaging examinations. However, some exams like X-ray angiography may require a slightly longer recovery period.

If you have been given a sedative as part of the procedure, you will need to have someone else drive you home

How Do I Get the Results from My Test?

The results of your imaging exams should be available directly to your health care provider within 24-48 hours after the exam, Monday-Friday. Patients are encouraged to obtain their imaging test results from their health care provider. You may also access your imaging results online through your secure Everyday Well account.

Everyday Well connects you with the latest tools to help you manage your health, including easy access to details of any recent medical tests including lab and imaging. To get started, click on “Accept Invitation” in your registration email and follow the steps to create your Everyday Well account or sign-up here. Easily access Everyday Well on your computer, tablet and smartphone with the Everyday Well app or by visiting