My Memorial Hermann and MyChart offer a range of features that help you stay connected you to your care and wellness. From viewing your test results as soon as they become available to managing your medications and sending secure messages to your care team, you can access the information you need to make informed decisions about your health. My Memorial Hermann makes it easier to manage your health all in one place.

Discover how to make the most of your patient portal experience with our guide below.

View Your Test Results

With MyChart, you can view test results as soon as they become available, rather than waiting for a phone call or letter from your physician. To view test results, go to Health > Test Results. Select a test to view additional information, such as:

  • The standard range for the result
  • Any additional comments your provider entered about the result

If you're looking for a specific result, enter keywords in the search field on the Test Results page.

Receive email or text messages when new results are available

  1. Go to Profile > Communications.
  2. Expand the Health section and select a notification option next to Test Result.
  3. Update your email address and mobile phone number (if needed) at the bottom of the page.

Manage Your Medications

View Your Current Medications

Go to Health > Medications to see all of your current medications in one place. You can see details for each medication, including the prescribed dosage, instructions and the name of the physician who prescribed the medication. You also can view additional information about a medication, such as precautions to consider when taking the medication and potential side effects, by clicking the Learn more link.

Request a Medication Refill

  1. From the medication list, click Request Refills.
  2. Select the checkbox next to the medication you need refilled and enter any comments. Click Next.
  3. Select a delivery method, pharmacy and pickup date / time that's convenient for you, if applicable. Click Next.
  4. Review the details of your refill request then click Submit.

You will receive a message in your MyChart Inbox when your prescription refill is processed.

You can request refills only for prescriptions that were filled at a pharmacy within your health care organization. If you need a medication refill for a prescription at an external pharmacy (for example, Walgreens or CVS), you'll have to contact that specific pharmacy.

View a Summary of Your Health Information

To get a summary of your medical record, go to Health > Health Summary. This summary includes:

  • Current health issues
  • Medications
  • Allergies
  • Immunizations
  • Preventive care

Track Your Daily Health Readings Online

Your physician might request that you record certain information, such as your daily glucose or blood pressure readings, in MyChart. When you enter the information in the Track My Health feature, your physician automatically receives the readings so they can then monitor your progress between visits.

Record a New Reading in Track My Health

  1. Go to Messaging > Message Center. Open the message from your physician regarding a new flowsheet. The flowsheet is what you use to enter your readings in the Track My Health feature.
  2. Open Track My Health by clicking the link in the message.
    • In the future, you can record your readings by going directly to Health > Track My Health.
  3. Click the flowsheet's name to open it, then click Add New Datato start recording your readings.
  4. Enter your reading with the date and time, then click Continue.
  5. Verify that you have entered your reading correctly then click Submit.
  6. If you need to change or remove a reading after you've submitted it, you can do so by clicking editor delete.

If you have a fitness tracking device (such as a Fitbit® or a Withings Smart Scale®) you can link your device to MyChart to automatically fill in your flowsheet with relevant data. Click Connect My Account on the Track My Health page to get started.

Track Your Readings Over Time in a Table or Graph

  1. On the Track My Health page, click a flowsheet's name to view previous readings in a table.
  2. From this page, you can:
    • Change the orientation of the table. Click the More Optionslink to choose whether dates appear as rows or columns.
    • View the readings in a graph. Click Graphto change the display.
    • Customize the date range or the number of readings that appear. Change the fromand to fields or the latest values field then click Apply to update the display.


View Messages From Your Clinic

You can read any messages sent by your doctor or other clinic staff by going to your Inbox (Messaging > Message Center).

If you're looking for a specific message, enter key words in the search field on the Inbox page.

Receive email or text messages when new MyChart messages are available

  1. Go to Profile > Communications.
  2. Expand the Messages section and select a notification option.
  3. Update your email address and mobile phone number (if needed) at the bottom of the page.

Ask Your Doctor for Medical Advice

If you have a non-urgent medical question, you can send a message to your care team. This message is secure, meaning your information stays private even as it is sent over the internet.

You might use the Get Medical Advice feature if you're not sure whether you should come in for an appointment, if you need clarification on the dosage of one of your medications or something that was discussed in a recent visit, or even if you just want advice about a common illness.

  1. Go to Messaging > Ask a Question.
  2. Click New Medical Question.
  3. Select a recipient from the list. This list might include your primary care provider, another doctor with whom you've recently had an office visit or the general nursing staff at the clinic.
  4. Select a subject for your message and enter your question.
  5. When you are finished, click Send.

Someone at your clinic should respond within two business days. If you've opted to receive notification of new messages in your MyChart account, you'll receive a message - or push notification - letting you know that the clinic has responded to your request.

To view a message you've sent, go to Messaging > Message Center and select the Sent Messages tab. Messages that have an “eye” icon have not yet been read by clinic staff.

Save Time With eCheck-In

Memorial Hermann offers eCheck-in for select appointments, up to seven days in advance. With the MyChart eCheck-in feature, you can save time in the waiting room when you update personal information, complete forms, provide insurance information, virtually sign documents and pay your co-pay before your scheduled appointment.

With eCheck-in, you can:

  • Update your personal information
  • Pay your co-payment
  • Answer questionnaires and e-sign documents
  • Review and update medical and prescription information

To use eCheck-in, follow these easy steps:

  1. Open the My Memorial Hermann app on your smart phone or tablet.
  2. Log in to My Memorial Hermann. (Don’t have a My Memorial Hermann account? Follow these steps to enroll.) [will link to steps; link does not exist right now]
  3. Once you are logged in, select “Visits,” and then select “Appointments and Visits.”
  4. In the “Upcoming Visits” section, you will see your scheduled appointment(s), and, if it is within the next seven days, you will also see the “eCheck-in” button. If the “eCheck-in” button does not appear, it is not available for that appointment.
  5. Click the “eCheck-In” button to access the following:
    • Personal Information: update any new information or make changes to your profile.
    • Insurance Coverage: Select whether you wish to bill your insurance for the visit. You may also update your insurance coverage and upload insurance card photos.
    • Prescription Medications: Click “Add a Medication” to add a new medication to your profile. You may also add or select a preferred pharmacy location.
    • Allergies: Review and update your list of allergies. You can add a new allergy by clicking the “+” button.
    • Health issues: Review and update your list of health issues. You can remove or add new health issues by clicking the respective button.
  6. Review and e-sign the check-in documents.
  7. Select “Next” to complete the eCheck-in process or select “Finish Later” to save your progress and complete eCheck-in later.


E-Visit, a feature inside your MyChart account, is a convenient way to securely submit a question regarding a health concern and receive a response from your provider, with either a treatment plan or the next steps for your care.

If your provider orders an E-Visit after reviewing your medical question, you will answer a series of questions about your current symptoms and/or concerns. After reviewing your responses – along with a review of your medical history  – your provider will send you a message with the recommended next steps for your care, possibly saving you the time of a video visit or an in-person visit.

Learn More

View and Print Your Child’s Immunization Record

When you are in your child's record in MyChart, go to Health > Immunizations. You can see the immunizations your child has received and the dates on which they were administered. Click on the immunization name to learn more.

To open a printer-friendly summary of your child's immunizations, click on the printer icon.

View Your Child’s Growth Charts

To view your child's growth charts, open your child's record and go to Health > Growth Charts.

You can customize the view of the growth chart by:

  • Choosing a different Chart Set. For example, you can switch between growth charts provided by the Center for Disease Control (CDC) or the World Health Organization (WHO).
  • Changing the Chart Type. For example, you can switch the view from length-for-age to weight-for-age or Body Mass Index-for-age.

You can also view the growth chart with a different unit of measure (Metric or Standard) by selecting the option for that unit of measure.

If you want a copy of the growth chart for your records, click on the printer icon.

See Your Medical Information From Other Health Care Organizations

If you've been seen at another health care organization, you might be able to view information from that medical record right in MyChart. You might have heard this feature referred to as “Happy Together.” The information you might see from other organizations includes:

  • Allergies
  • Care team
  • Health issues
  • Medications
  • Messages
  • Test results
  • Visits

To view this information, you must link your accounts. Go to Profile > Link My Accounts to get started. Then, select your account from the list and click Link Account.

After you've linked your accounts, information from the other organization appears in MyChart with a icon.

For more information about how linked accounts work, as well as what information you can see from each health care organization, click See more and then click the link for the FAQ page.

Preferences and Administrative Features

Personalize MyChart

There are three ways you can personalize how MyChart appears for you and each of your family members. For each account to which you have access, you can:

  • Specify the color scheme.
  • Change the name that appears under that person's photo.
  • Add or change the photo. Note that photos you upload through MyChart are visible to medical staff, so you should choose a photo that shows each person's face.
  1. Go to Profile > Personalize.
  2. Click Edit.
  3. Make any of the changes described above and then click Save.

Customize Your Notification Preferences

MyChart can send you notification by email or text message when there is new information available in your MyChart account. You can specify your preferences for different types of notifications, including new messages, test results, billing statements and letters, prescriptions, appointment updates and more.

  1. Go to Profile > Communications.
  2. Select notification options for a group of notifications (for example, Appointments or Messages) or expand a notification group to select options for individual notifications you want to receive.
  3. Update your email address and mobile phone number (if needed).

Connect Your MyChart Account to Apple Health® or Google Fit®

If your doctor has assigned you a patient-entered flowsheet for tracking your health data, you can connect MyChart to Apple Health® or Google Fit® to automatically pull in data from other health and fitness apps or devices.

  1. In the MyChart mobile app, open the Track My Health
  2. Tap Connect to Healthor Connect to Google Fit at the bottom of the screen.
  3. Choose the data you want to share with MyChart by tapping the toggle button for each type of data.
  4. Tap Done. At this point, any data that was already stored in Health or Google Fit is automatically synced to MyChart.

Some non-employed affiliated physicians use Community Connect, an extension of Memorial Hermann's Epic System, as their medical record.

Note: At Memorial Hermann Health System, we are dedicated to protecting the information of our patients. The proxy process was designed to comply with state and federal privacy laws. Parents accessing the My Memorial Hermann and Epic MyChart patient portal are able to see portions of medical record for patients ages 13-17. Parents may contact the Memorial Hermann Release of Information Department directly at (713) 222-CARE (2273) or online at Request Medical Records to request a complete copy of their child’s medical records.