As part of post-surgery lifestyle changes, we recommend patients attend regular support groups. Our free support groups will allow you to share your personal journey and experience with others who understand and support your goals.

Our support groups are often run by a health care professional instead of a layman, like a psychologist, program coordinator, or dietitian.

Support groups are an excellent resource. You'll find people who have similar wellness goals, who want to celebrate your successes, and who support you in challenging times. Support groups are devoted to these common experiences, so you can share your feelings in a safe environment.

If you are thinking about weight loss surgery, you may want to scout out a few weight loss surgery programs' support groups and see our Success Stories

If you have any questions about our support groups, call (713) 338-7580 for more information or to speak with a Care Concierge.

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Upcoming Bariatric Support Groups

Join our support groups and nutrition classes to prepare you for life after weight loss.

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