After you pre-register, your insurance data will be verified and you will be contacted by a patient access representative to review your insurance benefits. Memorial Hermann will assist you in filing your insurance claim. If there are any changes to your preregistration information before your delivery date, please contact us as soon as possible.

Insurance Requirements May Apply

Insurance policies have specific requirements for coverage of childbirth services. It is your responsibility to ensure the requirements of your insurance policy have been met prior to your delivery. Take the time to understand and comply with the maternity benefits provisions of your insurance policy.

Here are some of the insurance requirements that may, or may not, apply in your policy:

  • Pre-notification
  • Admission authorization
  • Second opinion for non-emergency caesarean section
  • Completion of an enrollment form for adding your newborn to the policy

Estimated Amount Due in Third Trimester

Please make arrangements with your business office representative to pay your estimated amount due during the third trimester of your pregnancy. The estimated amount due is a deposit based on your insurance deductible, co-insurance percentage, co-pay and any outstanding balances.

Self Pay Arrangements

Please make arrangements with your business office representative to pay your estimated amount due in full by the seventh month of pregnancy. Estimates are subject to change.

Billing: What to Expect

Patients should expect to receive multiple bills in the mail after their delivery. The number of bills will be contingent on services received, including but not limited to the hospital, the ob/gyn, the anesthesiologist, and others.

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