Nurses at Memorial Hermann Health System play an active role in organizational decision-making through our professional governance congress, which is based on partnership, equity, accountability and ownership—principles that form a culturally sensitive and empowering framework.

Professional governance offers nurses and interprofessional colleagues an opportunity to participate in facilitative leadership and shared decision-making among key stakeholders. It also provides a direct line of communication from frontline staff to the Chief Nursing Officer at each campus.

The professional governance model improves the professional practice environment and promotes partnerships among employees, patients, families and providers, resulting in improved satisfaction and outcomes across the Memorial Hermann Health System.

Involvement in Professional Governance

Because Memorial Hermann values diverse opinions, innovative ideas and a collaborative attitude, nurses are encouraged to join a council, become actively involved, contribute their unique perspectives and share knowledge with peers.

Council and committee membership provides an opportunity for nurses to become more involved in the decisions that directly impact their professional practice. Each council includes frontline nurses, executive nursing leaders, unit or area nurse leaders, content experts and other roles.

The councils develop collaborative partnerships among nurses, employees, leaders and interprofessional colleagues to:

  • Facilitate decision making and accountability for improving patient experience and quality outcomes
  • Support a healthy workforce

Councils and Committees

Five primary components comprise Memorial Hermann’s professional governance congress model:

  1. Unit Practice Councils
  2. Campus-based Councils
    1. Professional Development and Advancement
    2. Quality Practice
    3. Nursing Practice
    4. Evidence-based Practice and Research
  3. Campus Nurse Executive Coordinating Council
  4. System Professional Governance Congress
  5. Chief Nursing Officer Council
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