After your surgical procedure, you will go to our main recovery room known as the Post-Anesthesia Care Unit (PACU). There you will be monitored until you are ready to either transfer to your room or return home.

Your family may wait in the waiting room assigned to you until you have been released from the PACU. Then, you and your family will proceed to your room together. Please note we cannot permit visitors under the age of 12 in the waiting room on the day of your surgery.

Your length of stay depends on procedure type, your physician and your recuperation. At all times you will have specially trained nurses providing your care. Your medical team will give you information related to your health care throughout your stay.

Pain Control

Our goal is to keep you as comfortable as possible after surgery. We will ask you to rate your pain on a scale from zero to ten. Zero represents no pain and ten represents intolerable pain. Studies have shown this is an effective way to control pain before it becomes severe. Please let us know as soon as you feel uncomfortable – whatever the level. We will administer your medication according to your response, and the sooner it is addressed, the better.

Some people are afraid of becoming addicted to their pain medicine. That will not happen over the course of a short hospital stay.