Thank you for your interest in the medical staff at Memorial Hermann-Texas Medical Center or Children's Memorial Hermann Hospital. Below you will find instructions to complete and submit an application for initial appointment or reappointment to the medical staff.

The materials for the application process are divided into four sections. Please choose the appropriate appointment category, (Section 1 for Initial Appointment or Section 2 for Reappointment), and the delineation of privileges (Section 3) associated with your specialty. Section 4 contains the Medical Staff Bylaws and pertinent medical staff policies -- these are for your reference. Please review carefully as you will be expected to abide by them. Do not return with the application packet.

Materials and Fees

  • Initial Appointment Materials - Processing fee of $250.00
  • Reappointment Materials - Processing fee of $100.00
  • Delineation of Privileges - By Specialty
  • Medical Staff Bylaws/Manuals and Medical Staff Policies/Procedures

How to Apply

For your convenience our application materials are available in PDF format. You must have Adobe Reader in order to complete some of the materials required to complete the application. If you do not have Adobe Reader you can download a free copy at After printing the application sections, complete and sign all fields as appropriate and return to the Medical Staff Services Department along with the application processing fee as noted. Please return the completed application packet via FedEx to:

Memorial Hermann-Texas Medical Center
Medical Staff Services Department
6411 Fannin, Suite C.102
Houston, TX 77030

Next Steps

We will contact you within five days upon receipt of your application. If you do not hear from us, please contact the number listed below. NOTE: The standard processing time to 90 to 120 days following receipt of a completed application.

Please contact us for further information or questions at: or (713) 704-4294.