What Are the Risk Factors for Stomach Cancer?

  • Risks for gastric cancer include:
  • Chronic atrophic gastritis
  • Eating large amounts of salted, smoked or pickled foods
  • Having a family history of stomach cancer
  • Having had a helicobacter pylori infection or stomach inflammation
  • History of an adenomatous gastric polyp larger than 2 centimeters
  • History of pernicious anemia
  • Smoking cigarettes

Men are at higher risk for stomach cancer than women.

How Is Stomach Cancer Diagnosed?

Doctors use the following tests to confirm a diagnosis of gastrointestinal carcinoma:

Your doctor may also order blood tests to help determine the diagnosis, including a complete blood count (CBC), liver function and tumor markers.

How Is Stomach Cancer Treated?

Stomach (gastric) cancer treatment includes surgery and may also include chemotherapy or radiation therapy.


Gastrectomy, or surgical removal of the stomach, is the only treatment for gastric cancer that can cure the condition. Depending on the stage of the cancer, your oncologist may also recommend radiation therapy and chemotherapy.


Chemotherapy is the standard treatment for locally advanced cancers, in which the tumor has grown into nearby blood vessels and other tissues, but has not spread to the liver or distant organs.

Radiation Therapy

We use the most advanced radiation therapy technology to help patients fight cancer with less scarring, shorter recovery times and a quicker return to productivity.

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