Memorial Hermann Home Care offers a wide range of home equipment and supplies, including but not limited to oxygen, sleep therapy equipment, wheelchairs, hospital beds and urological supplies. 

Rental Information

Home Medical Rental Coverage

Most insurance plans cover Durable Medical Equipment (DME) costing $150 in total or more on a rental basis. If the patient no longer needs the item, please contact us and we will arrange to pick up the item.

If the patient needs the item for at least 12-13 months, the item will convert from a rental to a purchase. Since all insurance plans are different, please contact our customer service or billing office for more information specific to your plan.

Oxygen Coverage

Medicare insurance plans cover oxygen equipment from a supplier for a total of 36 months. After 36 months, we will bill once a year per maintenance. Visit for more information.

Most insurance companies cover the rental as long as the patient needs the oxygen equipment.

Supply Order Requests

Refer to the Frequently Asked Questions for information about the frequency for reordering supplies.

Frequently Asked Questions

Your health plan has rules that apply to HME coverage. For instance, some health plans might not charge you directly and will cover the cost of qualified, in-network home medical equipment. With other plans, you might be responsible for your coinsurance payment, or a percentage of the costs of the equipment, whether rented or purchased.

If you have a supplemental insurance policy, it can help offset out-of-pocket expenses after your supplemental plan’s deductible has been satisfied. Most plans will determine what types of HME they will cover based on your package, ailment, and medical needs. Contact your insurer, using the toll-free number on your insurance card, to get specifics about your coverage.

HCPCS Code Description Frequency
A4604 CPAP Tubing With Heating Element 1 per 3 months
A7027 Combination Oral/Nasal CPAP Mask 1 per 3 months
A7028 Replacement Oral Cushion for Oral/Nasal Mask 2 per 1 month
A7029 Replacement Nasal Pillows for Oral/Nasal Mask, One Pair 2 per 1 month
A7030 Full Face Mask 1 per 3 months
A7031 Full Face Mask Interface 1 per 1 month
A7032 Cushion for Nasal Mask Interface 2 per 1 month
A7033 Nasal Pillows 2 per 1 month
A7034 Nasal Interface 1 per 3 months
A7035 Headgear 1 per 6 months
A7036 Chinstrap 1 per 6 months
A7037 Tubing 1 per 3 months
A7038 Disposable Filter 2 per 1 month
A7039 Non disposable Filter 1 per 6 months
A7046 Humidifier Water Chamber 1 per 6 months

Existing patients can submit a request to reorder the supplies they are eligible for here.

Once you’ve placed your order and it has been processed, our dispatch department will contact you to confirm your order details and provide shipping and delivery information.

Our technicians are not allowed to move any existing furniture or equipment. We also do not haul away any old equipment.

Our technicians specialize in setting up our equipment. Because of their focus on the delivery and installation of equipment, our technicians cannot assist with moving patients.

We do offer a full selection of mobility items. Please contact us for a complete list of available mobility products. Please note that insurance coverage of these items varies and is dependent upon the specific policy.

Because we bill rental equipment on a month-to-month basis, we cannot prorate charges or bill for shorter increments.

You will not receive a bill from Memorial Hermann Home Medical Equipment until your responsible balance is above $20. If you have any questions or concerns about your bill or if you want to know your account balance, contact our billing office at (713) 338-7450.

It is important to make informed decisions throughout this process. We recommend familiarizing yourself with the terms and definition in your insurance plan as well as speaking directly to your insurance provider if you have questions about coverage and definitions.

Sleep Apnea

Sleep Apnea is a sleep disorder where breathing is interrupted during sleep. People who have sleep apnea will stop breathing repeatedly throughout their sleep cycle. This disruption in a person’s breathing pattern may cause the brain to not get enough oxygen. If you snore loudly and feel tired during the day after a full night’s sleep, you may have sleep apnea.

Learn More About Sleep Apnea

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