• Karl Keul

    Knee Replacement Surgery Gets Karl Back on the Golf Course

    December 28, 2019

    After knee replacement surgery, Karl was surprised how much his knee pain had diminished. He attributes this to the pre-surgery protocol that Dr. Mathis follows — taking pain medications, etc. Once he got through the eight weeks of physical therapy, Karl’s mobility increased considerably and he s...

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  • Ayala Gustov

    Double Total Knee Replacement Now I Can Enjoy More Family Fun

    October 11, 2018

    “My life turned around dramatically after total knee replacement surgery on both knees,” explains Gustavo Ayala, MD, who had the procedure done on both knees at the same time. Over a six-month period, Dr. Ayala’s condition worsened from experiencing moderate pain to battlin...

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  • Lisa and horse

    Lisa's Story: Total Hip Replacement

    November 17, 2017

    Lisa - who had been an avid equestrian all her life - shares the story of her struggle with hip displaysia, and how the pain from it nearly forced her to give up her passion. Lisa was left devastated after the pain became too much to bear, but found hope again after learning about joint replaceme...

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  • Eddie Carlton

    Eddie Carlton's Story: Two Hip Replacements

    July 7, 2017

    When physical education teacher Eddie Carlton began feeling debilitating as he taught his students, he knew it was time to find relief. After being evaluated by Dr. Eddie Huang, an orthopedic surgeon at Memorial Hermann Joint Centers, he felt confident in his next steps for treatment.  Dr. H...

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  • Bill Teague

    Bill Gets Moving with a New Hip

    December 27, 2016

    Bill liked the fact that Memorial Hermann’s main focus after surgery is to get the patient moving in order to jumpstart the healing process. When it came time for Bill to select a physician for his total hip replacement surgery, he knew exactly who he’d choose. “I selected affiliated orthopedic p...

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  • Pamela Bah - See Her Joint Center story

    September 27, 2016

    “Before my surgery, I was in constant pain. My quality of life was, like, 30%. I had to limit what I was doing. I was not able to fully participate in the kids' education. And it was just very difficult for me as a teacher. So I had to make a decision. I found Memorial Hermann Joint Center throu...

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  • Read about Fred Carpenter Joint Story

    Fred Carpenter: Joint Center Patient

    September 27, 2016

    When Fred Carpenter could no longer take a walk with his grandkids, he asked a friend who's an orthopedic surgeon who he would recommend. "He answered Memorial Hermann Joint Center. I would give Memorial Hermann - the whole system - the highest marks. From the very beginning to the very end, it ...

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  • Rennie

    Rennie Overcoming Joint Pain

    The nagging pain in both of Rennie Swift’s knees began about 15 years ago. Looking for relief, Rennie had arthroscopic knee surgery on both knees, which helped with his pain for several years. “The pain returned with a gusto,” he admits. “Especially, the right knee.”...

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