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You and your patients deserve the highest quality specialty service available. When you trust Memorial Hermann as a partner, you can rest assured your patients receive the best clinical pharmacy services available, and you will too.

Managing specialty medications is complex and time-consuming

We understand how important your time is to you. The less time you spend barriers to medication access and prior authorizations means more time caring for patients. You and your patients will experience the best in clinical care, safety, and service as part of every single prescription. Together we can make our community healthier and happier.

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At Memorial Hermann Specialty Pharmacy, provider connections make all the difference

We work with providers to tailor the prescribing and referral experience, we create feedback and visibility into the prescription referral status, and make sure that you understand your patients outcomes and adherence information.

Clinical pharmacists, nurses, and support staff with distinct expertise in specialty therapy are actively engaged in routine follow-up, education, and support to help patients meet their goals for therapy.

We actively assist with patient assistance enrollment and financial hardship programs.

Referral Forms

These referral forms make sending prescriptions to Memorial Hermann Specialty Pharmacy an easy process. Simply download the form, type or print the appropriate information and fax to Memorial Hermann Specialty Pharmacy.

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We would like to talk with you about the unique needs within your practice so that we may collaborate on a solution.

Providers Frequently Asked Questions

Memorial Hermann Specialty Pharmacy is part of the Memorial Hermann Health System, is local to Houston and has spent considerable time working with Memorial Hermann and affiliated doctors to coordinate your care. Clinical experts in your disease state provide advanced care and are fully motivated to make you successful with your therapy.
Free home delivery is provided for all patients. Clinic administered medications that must be filled by a specialty pharmacy are delivered to the physicians office, coordinated with the patient appointment.
Memorial Hermann providers and affiliates will have the opportunity to work with a specialty pharmacy liaison focused on their needs.
Every patient receives care tailored to their needs including benefits investigation, assistance services, in-depth education, clinical monitoring and follow-up, delivery coordination, and access to a pharmacist when they need it. Please see our Specialties page to learn more about the diseases that we treat.
Yes, Memorial Hermann Specialty Pharmacy will coordinate with your patient’s prescription benefit to be sure that they receive the maximum benefit according to their plan. Like most specialty pharmacies, we are actively working to grow the number of plans with which we contract and we will work with your practice to understand specific needs and target opportunities to ensure that we can serve your patients. In the event that we are not contracted to provide service for a patient, we coordinate their care to reduce the burden of accessing specialty medications on the part of the patient and provider.
Success starts with accurate and timely fulfillment of the medication. We work hard to reduce the time to fill and delivery through close collaboration with your practice. Patients receive in-depth education and training from a pharmacist prior to receiving their medication and routine follow-up to manage side-effects, drug interactions, adherence issues, and other drug related problems that the patient may encounter.