According to the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), an estimated 2.4 million people currently live with viral hepatitis C. If you have been diagnosed and are looking at treatments, Memorial Hermann Specialty Pharmacy can help you obtain medication and provide monitoring that helps look out for any adverse events or possible side effects.

What are specialty pharmacies?

Specialty pharmacies differ from traditional retail pharmacies in several key ways. They often have the necessary knowledge and experience to store, handle and follow-up on specialty medications for complex diseases. In addition, they can decrease turnaround time for patients and help lower the overall cost of care.

While there are many local and national specialty pharmacies, Memorial Hermann offers Houston’s first fully integrated specialty pharmacy. As part of Memorial Hermann, we can provide better patient outcomes through coordinated care at each step of treatment. Dedicated to our patients’ care and wellbeing, we work through inpatient and outpatient means to ensure medications are delivered when and where they’re needed.

Memorial Hermann Specialty Pharmacy Benefits

  • Locally based in Katy, TX
  • Clinical specialists have experience with many conditions and disease states
  • Call with patients to explain our services and the timeline for their specific treatment plan
  • Care providers who offer personalized support and 24-hour pharmacist counseling
  • Free home delivery of medication
  • In-depth education and training on specialty medications from licensed pharmacists
  • Phone reminders to help refill prescriptions based on individual treatment plans

Managing the Cost of Hepatitis C Medication

Drugs that work to cure hepatitis C often are expensive because they are extremely effective at removing future complications and resulting conditions. These drugs can cost up to $30,000 per month with treatment plans that take anywhere from two to six months– sometimes even longer. The total cost of treatment for hepatitis C can quickly adds up.

Memorial Hermann Specialty Pharmacy uses financial coordinators to help make specialty medication for conditions like hepatitis C more affordable. Whether that cost assistance comes through third party financial aid programs, nonprofit foundations such as the Patient Advocate Foundation or discussions with your insurance company, in many cases our team can lower the up-front cost of hepatitis medications significantly.

Common Hepatitis Drugs We Offer

Because drugs for Hepatitis C are so expensive and can only be obtained through a specialty pharmacy, we want to make sure you completely understand why you are taking these medications before you begin taking them. At the beginning of every treatment plan, you will receive a consultation with one of our pharmacists prior to your first delivery of the drug including instructions on usage and an overview of your treatment. All current drugs for Hepatitis C are administered orally, so they may be taken at home. Once your treatment begins, you also will receive periodic follow-up assessments to ensure the safety and effectiveness of the medication.

To see the complete list of medications we offer, view our Specialty Medication List.

Trust Memorial Hermann for Your Hepatitis Medications

Hepatitis C may feel like an overwhelming diagnosis, but we can help. Memorial Hermann Specialty Pharmacy strives to optimize the health of our patients. That’s why we do our best to continue the extensive support patientsreceive from the rest of the Memorial Hermann Health System. To learn how we can help you with unparalleled pharmaceutical care in the Houston area, contact us today at (833) 234-MHSP (6477) or fill out the form below. Let us help lower the costs of your hepatitis treatment.

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