The National Cancer Institute estimates that more than 1.7 million people were diagnosed with cancer in 2018. If you or someone you love recently received a cancer diagnosis, Memorial Hermann Specialty Pharmacy can help provide the clarity, information and support you need to understand the often complex list of medications and treatments needed to help fight this disease.

Why Choose A Specialty Pharmacy

At a specialty pharmacy, the staff has the knowledge and training necessary to manage the storage and handling of specialty medications for complex diseases, like cancer. They understand the importance of open and clear communication and the value of being available to answer your questions and to ensure proper usage of medications.

Specialty pharmacies can also help reduce the overall cost of care by helping connect you to resources to make your specialty medications more affordable. We can also decrease turnaround time for medication so you or your loved one can start therapy sooner.

There are many specialty pharmacies at the local and national level, but Memorial Hermann Specialty Pharmacy is the first truly integrated specialty pharmacy in Greater Houston. And it’s through our integration with the Memorial Hermann Health System that we’re able to help you achieve betteroutcomes by coordinating care throughout every step of your journey.

Dedicated and invested in the lives of our patients, our team works as an extension of inpatient and outpatient care to ensure you get the medication you need, when you need it.

Benefits of Memorial Hermann Specialty Pharmacy

When you choose Memorial Hermann Specialty Pharmacy for medication and support throughout your cancer treatment, you get:

  • Access to clinical specialists with experience in many disease
  • An onboarding call to explain how the pharmacy works, the services we provide and the typical timeline for your treatment process
  • Personalized support from care coordinators and pharmacists available 24 hours a day
  • Free home delivery of medication
  • In-depth education and training from a licensed pharmacist on how to use your specialty medications
  • Phone reminders from your care coordinator to refill prescriptions based on individual treatment schedules
  • The convenience of a location based in Katy, Texas

Common Medications for Cancer Treatment

At the Memorial Hermann Specialty Pharmacy, we specialize in providing the latest take-home cancer medications. We also offer medications to help patients manage their symptoms and complete their physician-designated treatment.

Though few of the cancer drugs we offer are self-injectable, we do provide guidance during your initial consultation for the safe, comfortable administration of injectable medications.

To see the complete list of medications we offer, view our Specialty Medication List.

Why is Cancer Medication So Expensive?

Last year the Cancer Action Network, a patient advocacy arm of the American Cancer Society, reported that cancer patients paid nearly $4 billion out-of-pocket for cancer treatments in 2014. It has been widely reported that cancer drugs are becoming more expensive, but the reasoning is not always clear.

At Memorial Hermann Specialty Pharmacy, we understand the financial responsibility associated with cancer treatment can bring added stress to an already difficult situation. That’s why we employ financial coordinators who will do everything they can to help make your specialty medication more affordable. They can help connect you with third-party financial assistance programs, including medication manufacturer-provided assistance and trial programs, as well as nonprofit foundations such as the Patient Advocate Foundation for low-income and uninsured patients.

Your Trusted Source for Cancer Medication

When you receive a cancer diagnosis, the last thing you want to worry about is how to manage multiple medications and dosage requirements. We’re here to help. The staff at Memorial Hermann Specialty Pharmacy believes we are accountable for each patient’s outcome and we do our best to continue the excellent support provided by your physicians who are affiliated with Memorial Hermann. If you’re looking for a level of pharmaceutical care that’s unmatched in the Greater Houston area and need help lowering the cost of your cancer medication, contact us today at (833) 234-MHSP (6477) or fill out the form below.

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