Meilani Mapa, MD, has been certified in medical quality by the American Board of Medical Quality. Dr. Mapa is a clinical assistant professor of physical medicine and rehabilitation at McGovern Medical School at UTHealth, where she also serves as vice chair for quality. She is medical director of the Inpatient Rehabilitation Unit at Memorial Hermann-Texas Medical Center and also sees outpatients for spasticity, brain injury and stroke at the TIRR Memorial Hermann Outpatient Medical Clinic.

Angelle Sander, PhD, FACRM, received the designation of Fellow of the American Congress of Rehabilitation Medicine at the organization’s annual meeting held in Toronto in October 2014. 

In Print

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On The Podium

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Upcoming Education Courses

Davis K, Roberts D, Reimers A. Taking the sit out of sitters – using productive constant visual observation: An interdisciplinary approach. Association of Rehabilitation Nurses National Convention, Anaheim, California, October 2014.

Gutierrez A, Thayer B. Rehabilitation Nurses Providing Culturally Competent Care for the Hispanic Patient. Association of Rehabilitation Nurses National Convention, Anaheim, California, October 2014.

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Phillips T, Kuck J, Dharap U, Edwards S, Tankovich D, Watts R, Euliarte MA, Lake-Wallace S. Partnership with Patients to Achieve Safety Goals. Association of Rehabilitation Nurses, Houston, October 2014.

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