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Physician showing chart to studentsAs a service to the community and our future colleagues, TIRR Memorial Hermann provides observation opportunities for students applying to physical and occupational programs that require observation hours as part of the application process. Observation hours are offered Monday - Friday, 9 a.m. - 12 p.m. and 1 - 4 p.m. for inpatient rehabilitation.

This is a distant observation from the mezzanine level which overlooks our main therapy gym. A therapy representative will periodically be available to answer questions. This opportunity allows the observer to gain insight into the facet of therapy services provided for persons with neurological injuries. To set up observations, please complete our student observation form, and we will reply as soon as possible.

A PT and/or OT representative will be available periodically to answer any specific questions you may have regarding the treatments you are observing.

What To Expect

On your first day, you must schedule an orientation time with either Nova Sbrusch or Catherine Cooper Hay. During that time, some paperwork will be completed and your photo ID will be copied for our records. On subsequent days, please email either Nova or Catherine at least one day in advance to let them know you are planning to observe.

Please understand that our number one priority is to the treatment and care of our patients. Even though you are sitting on the mezzanine, you are in an extension of their treatment space and are expected to behave in a respectful manner at all times, specifically:

  • Talking on the phone or texting during observations is not allowed
  • Reading books during observations is not allowed
  • Taking pictures during observations is not allowed
  • Posting on social media sites regarding anything you observe is not allowed

Day of Observation

You may take notes regarding what you are observing, but they must be in general terms without names or other identifying information. If you use an electronic device to take notes, please only use it for that purpose. If you are found to not be compliant with the above requests, you will be asked to leave and your observation time will be ended.

Please be aware that voices carry in this treatment space so keep conversations with other observers to a minimum. If you have specific questions about what you are observing, you may step into the office and ask either Nova or Catherine.

Please dress with a professional image in mind. Business casual or hospital work attire is appropriate. Remember, you may be requesting recommendations from the therapists that you interact with, so your presentation speaks to how serious you are about your pursuits.

Residency, Internship & Observation