Memorial Hermann chaplains contribute to the wellbeing of patients, families and healthcare professionals by providing care that engages their spiritual, emotional and relational resources.

We are caring professionals who seek to embody the following core values:

  • Empathic – understanding the feelings and thoughts of others
  • Considerate – respecting the autonomy of others
  • Inclusive – embracing all abilities, beliefs, cultures, and identities
  • Mindful – attending to self, others, & the sacred
  • Prepared – educated, trained, & credentialed

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We care for patients and families facing life-changing illness, injury, and adjustment, as well as those making end-of-life decisions. We care for all people, regardless of their beliefs. If you are separated from loved ones, anxious, wrestling with issues of meaning or purpose, take time to meet with a chaplain. Just ask a staff member to contact us. We would be glad to help you.

Partnering with the whole healthcare care team, we provide support through empathic listening, ethical consultation, counseling, ritual, and other spiritual resources. Chaplains are available at all major healthcare facilities throughout our system.

Our Clinical Pastoral Education program, accredited by the Association of Clinical Pastoral Education, Inc., equips clergy, seminarians, and lay people with knowledge and skills to provide spiritual care. It also provides the training required to become a board certified chaplain with the Association of Professional Chaplains.

Staff Listings

Memorial Hermann System Services
Chaplain Brent Peery, Vice President
(713) 338-6156

Memorial Hermann-Texas Medical Center
Chaplain Jim Hogg, Director
(713) 704-4160
Chaplain Joel Blest
(713) 705-5692
Chaplain Raumone Burton
(713) 704-4974
Chaplain Darryl Jefferson
(713) 704-4131
Chaplain Allan Jenkins
(713) 704-3923
Chaplain Sondra Kaighen
(713) 704-4971
Chaplain Katherine Raniowski
(713) 704-4975
Chaplain Logan Rutherford
(713) 704-0795
Chaplain Tracey Smithson
(713) 704-0031

Children's Memorial Hermann Hospital
Chaplain Jennifer Lester, Manager
(713) 704-2147
Chaplain Dustin Wood
(713) 704-5678
Chaplain Courtney Webb
(713) 704-6309

Memorial Hermann Cypress Hospital
Chaplain Stephen Loonam
(346) 231-4132

Memorial Hermann Greater Heights Hospital
Chaplain Michael Lee, Manager
(713) 867-4463
Chaplain Susan Abraham
(713) 867-2506

Memorial Hermann Katy Hospital
Chaplain Devin Atherstone, Manager
(281) 644-7128
Chaplain Cat Hall
(281) 644-7455

Memorial Hermann Katy Rehab Hospital
Chaplain Rob Adrian
(281) 579-5676

Memorial Hermann Memorial City Medical Center
Chaplain Rick Chandler, Manager
(713) 242-3869
Chaplain Keith Rogers
(713) 242-4239

Memorial Hermann Northeast Hospital
Chaplain Jonathan Brooks, Manager
(281) 540-7829
Chaplain Fern Pierre-Louis

Memorial Hermann Pearland Hospital
Chaplain Lyanna Lee
(713) 413-5512
Chaplain Jaclyn Williams
(713) 413-5512

Memorial Hermann Southeast Hospital
Chaplain Jerry Procell, Manager
(281) 929-4182
Chaplain Eddie Simmons
(281) 929-6108

Memorial Hermann Southwest Hospital
Chaplain Cindy Hong, Manager
(713) 456-5023
(713) 456-4478

Memorial Hermann Sugar Land Hospital
Chaplain Kelli Jones, Manager
(281) 725-5169
Chaplain Esther Pascu
(281) 725-5136

TIRR Memorial Hermann
Chaplain Laura Arellano-Davis, Manager
(713) 797-5795
Chaplain Heidi Cain
(713) 797-5794

Memorial Hermann The Woodlands Medical Center
Chaplain George Philipose, Manager
(713) 897-2521
Chaplain Katherine Doehring
(713) 897-5892
Chaplain Mark Masdin (also TIRR-TW)
(713) 897-3389

Memorial Hermann Hospice
Chaplain Laura Salazar-Hopps, Manager
(713) 338-6159
Chaplain Brandon Holt
(713) 338-7400
Chaplain Hector Rivera-Velez
(713) 338-7400
Chaplain Royce Scott
(713) 338-7412

MHMG Supportive Medicine
Chaplain David Leard

Memorial Hermann University Place
Chaplain Bill Davis (also Supportive Medicine)
(713) 541-2900

Memorial Hermann Clinical Pastoral Education Program
Memorial Hermann Southwest Hospital,
Memorial Hermann Texas Medical Center and
Children's Memorial Hermann Hospital

Chaplain Rebecca Adrian, CPE Director, ACPE Certified Educator
Chaplain Sarah Knoll Sweeney, ACPE Certified Educator
Chaplain Carlos Sanchez, ACPE Certified Educator