Memorial Hermann maintains a closed formulary. New products and services must be requested by a facility director or physician. All requests will be reviewed by Memorial Hermann’s Corporate Supply Chain Services Department for final approval.

Memorial Hermann has recently instituted new policies and procedures to help manage the volume of calls and inquiries it receives on a daily basis while striving to provide consistent information to all of our current and potential vendors. Mass emailing of detailing/marketing material to any Memorial Hermann personnel, without prior approval by Corporate Supply Chain, is prohibited.

All vendor representatives are required to have a scheduled appointment before entering a department, surgical suite, cath lab, or special procedure suite (i.e. any area requiring scrub attire) on a Memorial Hermann campus. If the vendor representative arrives without prior notification, the physician will be asked if they do in fact require the vendor representative to be present during a specific procedure. If the physician has not requested or does not require the vendor representative to be present, this will be considered a violation of these guidelines by the vendor representative.

All vendor representatives that enter a Memorial Hermann campus must have a valid Symplr day pass sticker clearly displayed when entering any patient care areas or conducting any type of business on campus. If the Symplr Pass kiosk is not working at the location you are visiting, you will be required to show that you are cleared via the Symplr app on your phone.

Vendor representatives are not allowed in conference rooms, classrooms, or physician’s lounges unless scheduled and approved in advance by the Memorial Hermann Departmental Manager or Director.

Register with Symplr, determine access level and activate their hospital network by visiting Vendor representatives will need to download the mobile application to simplify process and for check-in ease.

Contact Vendor Management at (713) 448-5151 or email to confirm approval status in doing business with Memorial Hermann.

Memorial Hermann’s policy strictly prohibits vendors from providing gifts, food, and catered meals (including Memorial Hermann catered meals) to Memorial Hermann employees and departments on the property of Memorial Hermann campuses for any purpose including, but not limited to, department meetings, luncheons, holiday parties, etc.; except educational and in-service meetings approved by a director or above.

All companies providing products and services to Memorial Hermann.


Contact one of the campus Material's Managers.

At Memorial Hermann we take the safety of our patients, employees and guests seriously. We required HIPAA training for all of our employees and vendors regardless of access levels.

The credentialing process is done at the individual level so that Memorial Hermann can ensure that all vendor's representatives have the required training and background to conduct business at its campuses.